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Catalyzing Holy Spirit-empowered churches, and equipping and mobilizing leaders to transform communities

A number of churches in our own U.S. Alliance family face challenges that they can’t overcome without a little help. Our message to those churches is clear: we see you, we care, and we want to help!

Church Advance Overview

Mission Statement

The Alliance Church Advance Office, in partnership with C&MA districts and associations, exists to advance community-transforming churches by:

  • Equipping ministry leaders
  • Assessing the level of church vibrancy and vitality
  • Providing consulting services for churches desiring a new ministry direction
  • Assisting churches in transitioning well between pastoral changes

Let Us Connect You

In partnership with districts and associations, we seek to establish and promote:

  • Comprehensive leadership development strategies
  • Church Advance coaches/specialists/point people
  • Individualized Church Advance engagement processes
  • Results-based accountability
  • A national disciple-making conference
  • Regional Church Advance networks


Help and Hope are Nearby

If you’re concerned that your church may be caught in relentless decline, you’re not alone—but help may be right around the corner. All across America there are healthy congregations that would love to come alongside struggling churches with tangible help toward restoration. They have the financial stability and people resources that small churches often lack to reverse the downward spiral.

For more information about these programs, contact the Church Advance Office at [email protected] or (380) 208-6029

Church Advance Ministries


PEAK Online Assessment Tool

The PEAK Profile assessment tool is designed to identify the strengths a church can build on and the opportunities for growth. PEAK fosters a culture of improvement by creating positive dialogue and common language around church development.

PEAK provides an accessible tool, grounded in Alliance values, that assesses church development according to nine essential elements. As a church grows in self-awareness and applies itself to a process of development, it is better prepared to advance the Kingdom!

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EquippingU Maximum Impact

EquippingU Maximum Impact is a three-year training track for lead pastors of churches with an average attendance of 200–900. It will feature one track for churches with 200–500 people attending and another for those with 500–900 attendees. Both tracks will include an annual training event held at one of our larger churches, supplemented by coaching cohorts. Topics will focus on what it takes for these churches to advance to the next level in their ministry impact. Pastors of our larger churches will serve as trainers and coaches.

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EquippingU Dynamic Influence

EquippingU Dynamic Influence is a two-year training track for pastors and leaders of Alliance churches with 200 or fewer people in attendance. Participants will meet online for four two-hour sessions each year. The training will cover timely topics including how small churches can grow during a pandemic.  We are here to help pastors in small churches find resources, lead well, and help their churches thrive.

For more information, contact: [email protected]

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Changing Course Consultation

Changing Course Consultation services are provided to churches through their corresponding district offices. These services equip and empower church leaders to identify and overcome common roadblocks to healthy growth and ministry impact.

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The Alliance Transitional Ministries Network

The Alliance Transitional Ministries Network (ATMN) exists to help churches navigate the challenges of leadership transition intentionally and strategically. In partnership with Interim Pastor Ministries and VitalChurch, the ATMN:

  • Recruits qualified interim pastors
  • Provides transitional resources and coaching
  • Educates lay leaders about the benefits of intentional interim ministry
  • Assists with assessments and consulting for churches in transition
  • Encourages healthy, growing relationships
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Fresh Start

The Fresh Start program brings local districts and healthy churches together to help revitalize ailing churches with fresh vision, renewed passion, equipped leaders, and the resources to carry out God’s Mission within their congregations, throughout their communities, and across the world.

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