Our Family

We’re a family. The Alliance is one big, diverse, extended church family—with some half a million members in the United States alone. Every local Alliance congregation is one of about 2,000 fellowships worshiping in 38 languages and dialects across the country.


Like every family, we share a gene pool—in our case, it’s spiritual DNA: We love Jesus and believe it’s a basic human right that everyone—from our neighbors next door to marginalized people groups across the world—deserve a chance to be introduced to Jesus and fall in love with Him too.

Fun Fact

More than 40 percent of U.S. Alliance churches are non-majority culture, making us one of the most diverse evangelical church families in America.

And it gets better. Our family tree extends beyond the United States to more than 80 countries where 24,500 churches are home to more than 6.3 million Jesus followers—all sharing our “C&MA DNA” and our vision to see All of Jesus for All the World.

And so that more and more people can truly know that Jesus cares for us all—body, soul, and spirit—the Alliance family plants churches and builds and administers schools, clinics, hospitals, community centers, retirement centers, and radio stations. We also partner with other churches, governments, and nongovernment organizations to extend care and practical support in the name of Jesus to families who’ve been devastated by disease, poverty, political turmoil, and natural disasters.

How We Work Together

General Council

“governing body” – representatives of US churches

Acknowledging Christ as Head of the Church and Scripture as the ultimate authority, General Council, representative of the entire membership, is the legislative body of The Christian and Missionary Alliance. When General Council convenes, attention is given to the following functions:

  • Advancing the mission and vision of The Christian and Missionary Alliance.
  • Evaluating the progress of the ministries of The Christian and Missionary Alliance.
  • Electing officers, transacting business, and enacting denominational policies.
  • Providing opportunities for worship, fellowship, spiritual renewal, inspiration to greater service, and the development of ministry skills.

National Office

Located in Columbus, OH, the National Office of The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) is home to the majority of administrative offices. The National Office comprises five areas of ministry that help oversee the daily operations of the C&MA.


Executive includes the Office of the President, Higher Education, Corporate Vice President and Corporate Secretary/Legal Services/HR Services.


Development (DEV) works to mobilize constituents for Great Commission involvement through praying, giving, and serving.

Alliance Missions

Alliance Missions (AM) oversees international workers (IWs) serving under four specialized structures (CAMA, Envision, aXcess, and marketplace ministries), and ministering in locations spread across five global regions.

US Church

US Church Ministries (CM) oversees 25 geographic/ethnically designed districts and 10 associations/ethnic ministries (African, African-American, Arabic-speaking, Chinese, Filipino, Haitian, Montagnard, Native American, Spanish Western, and Jewish). These districts and associations comprise more than 2,000 churches with approximately 441,000 members and adherents.


Operations Finance (OF) provides operational support and manages the finances of the C&MA.

Our Partners

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