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Our Work

What do we do?


We Love Our Neighbors

In the United States, our Alliance family extends God’s love to everyone we meet; we walk with our neighbors through the steep challenges life brings, introducing them to the One who offers true hope. We plant churches in spiritually thirsty neighborhoods, discipling and mentoring new believers to become healthy, passionate Jesus followers. Today in our U.S. Alliance family there are:



We passionately follow our heavenly Father’s admonition to minister to immigrant populations within the U.S. With an estimated ethnic population of 97 million, our borders contain a vast opportunity to fulfill the Great Commission. Our U.S. Multicultural districts and associations speak 37 languages in C&MA churches and develop culturally appropriate, missionary-sending C&MA churches among these populations. Multicultural ministry is part of our story, our history, and who we are. To learn more, email Multicultural Ministries.


We Love Our World

Our U.S. family sends and supports hundreds of Alliance international workers who care for the sick, befriend the lonely, and introduce spiritually impoverished people to the One who releases us all from the curse of sin and the sting of death. Currently…