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How is The Alliance Funded?

The Alliance is funded primarily through generous tax-deductible donations given by individuals, churches, foundations, ministries, and other like-minded organizations.

There are two main streams of giving to The Alliance that flow into what we call


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Undesignated (For All The Alliance)

Undesignated gifts are a vital source of funding for the majority of Alliance gospel-advancing work in the U.S. and throughout the world. These funds are put to immediate use and provide support to staff, workers, and their ministries here in The States and across the globe. This fund provides flexibility for The Alliance to adapt and meet critical needs when they arise. Every international worker across all four of our structures (aXcess, CAMA, Envision, marketplace ministries) benefits from this kind of gift.


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Designated* (For the Work or Worker You Love)

If you have a specific worker or project you are passionate about, you can give toward the cost of that worker or project to further their specific ministry reach. In addition to ministries receiving funds from the undesignated GCF, ministries also benefit greatly from funds given in a designated way. Simply note on your contribution the name of the worker or project and it can be used for their immediate ministry needs, including a portion of compensation.**

* Project Reimagine and at times additional strategic projects are funded by The Alliance, but not by the official Great Commission Fund.

** The compensation of an Alliance international worker is the sum of the worker’s salary, housing, and benefits. This amount of total compensation varies depending on several factors including marital status, family size, and ministry location. A portion of compensation for all international workers is required to be raised through designated funds and the remaining amount is covered by undesignated giving.


Funding Resource

Looking for a resource to communicate this information to your church? This guide not only outlines how The Alliance is funded, but gives you at-a-glance giving information for our current fiscal year and answers many frequently asked questions.

View the guide in Spanish here.

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