The Alliance Great Commission Fund

Giving to the GCF is one of the best ways for you to participate in fulfilling God’s plan—providing all peoples, in every segment of society, the opportunity to encounter His beloved Son, Jesus.

Effective July 1, 2021, Alliance funding has changed. Why?

  • Simpler to explain and understand
  • Embraces all Alliance work advancing the whole gospel
  • Easier for you to give to the worker or work you love

So, what has changed and what does it mean for you?

Giving generally to the Great Commission Fund has a broader impact as it now benefits all Alliance ministries. With this kind of general gift, you will be supporting all Alliance work and all international workers regardless of specialized structure in Alliance Missions.

Giving specifically to an Alliance worker you love is now simpler and easier than ever before. No need to specify support, work, vehicle, or outfit. The workers you love will be able to use your donation for their most immediate strategic or project needs based upon an approved budget.

Both giving generally and giving specifically to a worker or work you love are now considered part of the new Great Commission Fund!

What hasn’t changed?

Giving to the Great Commission Fund continues to be used immediately where it is needed most. This type of gift continues to be a vital funding source and funds the majority of Alliance work in advancing gospel access around the world by providing support for international workers.

Giving specifically to larger Alliance strategic projects and ministries hasn’t changed. You can continue to give to your favorite project or ministry like CAMA, and gifts of this type will still be needed to further their reach.

This doesn’t affect how you give! You can give online, or by one of our other available options.

Alliance Funding Changes: Our IWs

In the video above, we want to answer one of the most asked questions: What do the recent funding changes mean for international workers (IWs)? You care about your Alliance International workers so we want you to have the facts.

Alliance Funding Changes: So, Now What?

In the video above, we want to answer the question: What do you want me to do with the recent funding changes? Watch this video to find out what these funding changes mean to your partnership with Alliance international workers and work.

The New Great Commission Fund: Third Quarter Update

2021 Impact Report

The Alliance stays true to its gospel advance. Why? Because God cares for people!

Download the Report (PDF)