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Church Evangelism Institute Cohort

Building a Culture of Evangelism

As the culture continues to change, equipping our Alliance family to help people around them trust and follow Jesus becomes more crucial every day. Consider these realities:

  • Only 10% of churches are growing through NEW believer growth.
  • People are open to the gospel — but are not being reached.
  • Pastors lack effective training and resources to equip congregations for the harvest fields we live in.
  • Leading congregations through culture change to revitalize evangelism is challenging — but it can be done.

Equipping Pastors for Culture Change

We have launched a multi-year process in partnership with the Church Evangelism Institute (CEI) of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College. This program will equip lead pastors to engage in church culture change so that it becomes normal for our people to declare and demonstrate the good news of Jesus. We are currently putting together a cohort of pastors who will be trained and prepared to train others so that more churches enjoy being fruitful with Jesus in his mission of seeking and saving the lost.

CEI has a proven track record of success in helping churches grow in conversion and evangelism. To date, they have worked with about 600 churches.

Our prayer is that this initiative will lead to the development of communities where every disciple of Christ is equipped and mobilized to make new disciples.


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