Church Multiplication

Church Multiplication

Discover, develop, and deploy emerging leaders for greater Kingdom impact through church planting.

Community First – Tacoma, WA

What We Do

The U.S. Alliance family works together to discover, develop, and deploy emerging leaders for greater Kingdom impact through church planting.



We envision a movement of local churches that plant multiplying churches.



To advance a church planting multiplication movement throughout The Alliance in order to fulfill the Great Commission.



We will champion this vision in partnership with Alliance districts by empowering our churches to expand their capacity for planting healthy, reproducing churches in the United States.

Contact Your District Multiplication Director

Central District C&MA
Todd Sovine
[email protected]
office: 330-336-2911
cell: 330-336-2911

Great Lakes District C&MA
Justin Thornton
[email protected]
office: 734-677-8555

Hmong District C&MA
Shahlahng Herr
[email protected]
office: 303-252-1793
cell: 715-590-2143

MidAmerica District C&MA
Kent Sovine
[email protected]
office: 402-330-1888
cell: 402-630-9891

North Central District C&MA
Kyle Magstadt
[email protected]
office: 952-278-4185
cell: 651-434-9930

Ohio Valley District C&MA
Brian Scott
[email protected]
office: 260-615-3704
cell: 260-615-3704

The Alliance Midwest C&MA
Kurt Sovine
[email protected]
office: 630-893-1355
cell: 217-304-5978

Western Great Lakes District C&MA
Doug Jerred
[email protected]
office: 920-734-1123
cell: 715-558-0161

Alliance New England
Tom Flanders
[email protected]
office: 508-238-3820
cell: 508-451-5032

Eastern PA District C&MA
Alan Rathbun
[email protected]
office: 717-985-9240
cell: 717-580-2084

Korean District C&MA
(Sky) Neul Ha
[email protected]
office: 201-440-5700
cell: 201-615-8445

Metropolitan District C&MA
Mozart (Moe) Dixon
[email protected]
office: 402-330-1888
cell: 402-499-2776

Mid-Atlantic District C&MA
Doug Conley
[email protected]
office: 301-620-9934

Northeastern District C&MA
David Linn
[email protected]
office: 315-336-4720

Spanish Eastern District C&MA
Eliat Aponte
[email protected]
office: 973-351-4226
cell: 407-922-9026

Western PA District C&MA
Joel Repic
[email protected]
office: 814-938-6920
cell: 724-561-2713

Alliance South Central
Eddie DeJesus
[email protected]
office: 817-561-0879
cell: 941-726-6503

Puerto Rico District C&MA
Victor Monroig
[email protected]
office: 787-816-0101
cell: 787-858-2374

The Alliance South
Reginald (Reggie) Screen
[email protected]
office: 704-543-0470
cell: 678-316-0534

The Alliance Southeast
John (JE) Caterson
[email protected]
office: 407-823-9662
cell: 813-410-1471

Alliance Northwest District C&MA
Micah Dodson
[email protected]
office: 503-685-9160
cell: 951-219-0835

Central Pacific District C&MA
Edgar Castro
[email protected]
office: 530-662-2500
cell: 916-273-2250

Rocky Mountain District C&MA
Chris Tweedy
[email protected]
office: 406-656-4233
cell: 406-647-2764

South Pacific District C&MA
Dave Reynolds
[email protected]
office: 951-719-1191
cell: 951-219-0835

Vietnamese District C&MA
Timothy Tran
[email protected]
office: 714-491-8007

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