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Intent to Plant Conference

This is a three-day event designed to help pastors and their teams learn how to lead congregations in successfully planting a church.

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Working together to expand the reach of gospel transformation by discovering, developing, and deploying disciplemakers who plant multiplying churches.

We Plant Churches that Plant Churches

The natural and necessary result of evangelism and disciplemaking is for new churches to be birthed. The Alliance has a vision for spirit-empowered multiplication—that churches would plant churches that plant churches until the gospel has lasting influence over an entire community, city, and society as a whole. What would happen if more churches planted churches? A multiplication movement would start!

We envision a Christ-centered movement of local churches that plant multiplying churches until the Great Commission is complete. Our commitment is to champion this vision and empower local churches to multiply disciplemakers, build capacity, and be mobilized to plant healthy, reproducing churches in all local and global contexts.

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Will you consider working together to mobilize a multiplication movement to fulfill the Great Commission?

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Healthy churches plant healthy churches. Do you want to become a church that raises up leaders to plant more churches? Consider becoming an Alliance Greenhouse Church environment, equipped to:

DISCOVER emerging leaders in your church to whom God has given unique strengths and gifts.

DEVELOP their capacity for deeper life, evangelism, ministry, and leadership.

DEPLOY developed people and their gifts to the Church and the lost through church planting and the greater mission field.

Greenhouse churches serve the integral roles of primary leadership development environment and sending community. In preparation for deployment, the church planter in residence works with the district for licensing, assessment, coaching, training, and support.

Ask your district to find out more about Greenhouse environments and church planting residencies. You can find your district here.

An African proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” This could not be truer for a church planter. Consider becoming accredited as a church planter with the Alliance collective of districts and regions, committed to:

ASSESSMENT—You have been created by God for a purpose. A church planter assessment helps you answer:

  • Could you plant? Is this your divine wiring?
  • Should you plant? Are you in the right space relationally, spiritually, and emotionally?
  • If so, what is the best coaching pathway forward?

COACHING—Reminding you that you are not alone, coaching will be based on who you are, where you are planting, and what that plant looks like.

TRAINING—The church planter and core team will be provided with practical skills and strategic thinking which prepares them for the planting logics and future ongoing multiplication.

SUPPORT— District, regional, and national grants are made available by request, and each unique story and new expression of the church is surrounded with prayer and celebrated by the greater Christ-centered Acts 1:8 Alliance family.

Already accredited and licensed with The Alliance? Contact your district to learn more about their A.C.T.S. plan for you.

Grants and partnerships have been created to further support our Alliance churches and planters. Consider exploring these conversations with your district multiplication/church planting director, or email the National Office team for more information on:

District and Regional Networks—The Alliance provides church planter assessments, church planting basics training, and greenhouse trainings by districts and regional networks. Ask your district about regional church planting efforts!

Exponential Global Conference—The Alliance is sponsoring free tickets to this church planters’ gathering in order to see more movement makers from The Alliance accelerate multiplication! Contact the Church Multiplication Office to find out more about this conference.

Multipliers Learning Community—The Alliance is covering the cohort participation fee covered by The Alliance for church pastors, planters, and practitioners to learn more about shifting local church paradigms from addition to multiplication. Contact the Church Multiplication Office to find out more about this learning community.

Grants and Scholarships—Made available for local Alliance churches and their members.

  • New plant projects
  • Greenhouse/Residencies
  • Special situations
  • ACLD church planter scholarships
  • Church planter student internships
  • Basic [Health] Benefits Initiative

More Information – If you’re looking for resources to explore on your own, visit this page created by the Central Region.

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To get in touch with someone from the Church Multiplication Office, reach out via email!

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