Discover The Alliance’s work in Africa through video stories.
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Hard Places: Here to Stay

When Alliance missionaries first entered Senegal in 1932, the work was hard, and the people were resistant. After a few years of seemingly fruitless ministry, the missionaries moved on to more fertile soil. In the early 2000s, Alliance international workers reentered Senegal. Although the work remains hard, it’s worth the cost because Jesus is worthy—and…

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Spiritual Daughters

A training center in West Africa is giving young women practical skills that will help them be self-sufficient—such as cooking and tailoring—while also showing them they are loved by God.

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Holistic Healthcare in West Africa

In a clinic in West Africa, an Alliance medical team works to bring the Kingdom through holistic healthcare that is accessible to the urban poor.

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Great Commission Day 2022: Jesus Among Africa’s Urban Poor

Africa has the fastest rate of urbanization in the world, and this rapid population increase in cities has only intensified poverty for the urban poor. In a city in West Africa, God led these international workers to an informal settlement—an entire community of people living in shanties and scrap-made structures. Ministry here isn’t just about…

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Curses Turned to Blessings

“When I was a boy, I believed I was cursed. But it was not a curse—it was just a plan of God for me to help many people in my life.” Meeting and knowing God brought forgiveness, joy, and love into this West African man’s life.

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He Holds Their Futures

In this West African country, women without husbands are extremely vulnerable, and so are their children. Opportunities are nearly nonexistent. Four years ago, three women started a handicraft business to provide skills and income for these at-risk women, along with scholarships, business loans, and emergency funds for widows and single mothers. Though the work here…

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Caring in West Africa: Street Children

An Alliance team and its church partner provide meals four times a week to 100 street boys, who have gone hungry due to COVID-19 shutdowns.

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Caring in West Africa

An Alliance team distributed face masks, food, and soap to the most destitute.

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