Deeper Life

From its inception, The Alliance has been a deeper life and missions movement—in that order. Alliance founder A. B. Simpson understood that unless our hearts were first captivated by and surrendered to the all-transforming love of Jesus, we would not be sufficiently equipped to take that love into our communities and to the ends of the earth. In other words, All of Jesus for All the World requires all of Jesus in all of us.
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Reflections on 1 Corinthians 15:58 – John Stumbo Video Blog No. 98

John reflects on the importance of keeping our eyes focused on Jesus and persevering in our work for the Lord.

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All of Jesus for All the World – Alliance Worship (Lyric Video)

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Sacred Power (Senior Saints)

"The Spirit of God works, and He guides our way moment by moment."

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Sacred Calling (Senior Saints)

“God led every step of the way in a very marvelous and sacred manner.”

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Sacred Bride (Senior Saints)

“The Church matters to Him. That’s why He died for it.”

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What is Sacred? (Senior Saints)

Some of The Alliance's longest serving workers explain what sacred means to them.

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Sacred Calling

A poem by Sarah Bourns expresses the heart of The Alliance in seeking God’s justice for the vulnerable and overlooked.

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Sacred Bride

Listen to a poem about how God still pursues the Church wholeheartedly regardless of how we run from Him.

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Sacred Power

I cannot alone bear much fruit . . . but I can, in Him, burrow down deep roots.

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Sacred Encounter

Here I am, Lord. I’ve come to meet with You. I don’t care how You come, Lord. Just . . . that . . . You do.

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We Are The Alliance

The Alliance was born out of a passion for Jesus and a heart for lost people. Centered in Him and empowered by His Spirit, our message remains unchanged and our mission remains uncompromising–until all have had the opportunity to hear of His inbounding grace, unrestrained mercy, and unyielding love.

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