January 12, 2023

The Power of His Name

A near-tragedy gives way to a powerful gospel witness

by an Alliance international worker couple serving with aXcess in Africa

The wind had been rougher than normal on this hot, dusty day, and the afternoon sun beat down on the tin roofs and tarps that covered acres of makeshift huts and shanties. The camp is home to displaced families and villagers from parts of the country where it is no longer safe to live. Their dwelings are situated on top of a trash heap, one of the main dumping grounds in the city. As the sun rose higher and intensified the smells of garbage mingled with human and animal waste, a drink of cool water from the well would offer a welcome respite from the relentless heat.

This precious well, provided through the generosity of Alliance people, just recently had some solar panels repaired to help draw water for the camp. Now, the pump could work into the evening, providing much needed water all day long to the thousands of people living around it.

We were getting dinner ready when both our phones rang. It was our friend Aaron, who works for us at the camp. We could barely hear his voice over the roar of the flames in his video text. The camp was on fire—again.

We knew the footage was in real time, happening right then and there. And there was nothing we could do but pray. Aaron, a devout follower of the majority religion, told us in a worried tone that he couldn’t see the well tower—he wasn’t sure if the well was still there.

“Please pray,” he said. “God help us all.”

We stopped everything, sent out messages to our team and other prayer warriors, and got down on our knees and started praying. The sun was setting, and it was getting dark.

Another ding from our phones . . . the fires were still burning, lighting up the night sky. But this time Aaron said, “It’s amazing—the well is still here! It’s unbelievable! It’s like a circle is around the well. It’s untouched. It’s still pumping water. The people have been able to stop the fire from going past. Keep praying! Your prayers are working.”

We looked at each other incredulously—not just because God was answering our prayers. We were stunned by Aaron’s exclamation that our prayers were working! This man was recognizing the power of prayer in Jesus’ name. 

Our relationship with Aaron is one of the many friendships we are growing with those of the majority religion—and we are seeing God move. This past month, three people decided to follow Jesus. And more have been introduced to the power of His name through the healing of the sick and answered prayers. The harvest that we pray for daily is coming!

We know God has us in Africa for such a time as this, and we wouldn’t be here without people like you. We are so thankful for your partnership with Alliance ministries like ours through your prayers and giving. Your support for The Alliance has enabled us to be present here, providing food, clothing, shelter, and medicine for the refugees in the camp and making an incredible, tangible difference in thousands of lives. Because of you, these people—and countless others around the world—now have hope.

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