In the Waiting and Rejoicing

Believing God’s will for healing

Seeds of Renewal

God builds His Church in West Africa through revival and prayer

Do You Want to See a Miracle?

Believing God still works wonders

A Call to Prayer for a Mighty Move of God

The Alliance is praising the Lord for His mighty work that is spreading to campuses across the country and to some of our Alliance family gatherings, and we are humbly seeking the Lord for what He might desire to do in and through this move of the Spirit.

God, Our Waymaker

A story of healing and preparation for the field

Trusting God for Complete Healing

A daughter is learning to completely trust in the Lord’s goodness and favor for her mother’s healing.

God’s Glory Shining

Healing hearts through prayer

Engaging Refugees to Serve the Lost

“About 200 refugees have been resettled in our community so far. We now welcome new families once a month and walk alongside them as friends and guides through this difficult journey.”