June 7, 2023

Super Typhoon Damages Alliance Church in Guam

The church needs your prayer and financial support to repair extensive damage and help disaster victims.

The following was adapted from an update by Rev. Calvin Tan of Guam Christian Alliance Church.

On Wednesday, May 24, 2023, Super Typhoon Mawar struck Guam, causing major damage to the island and to the Guam Christian Alliance Church (GCAC). Praise the Lord that all Alliance families and friends are safe. Currently, we are still recovering from the storm. Most areas are still without water, electricity, or internet connection as gasoline for generators arrives slowly. Some of our friends’ houses and businesses were flooded and severely damaged. These are people whom the church was reaching out to with the gospel. We are praying about how we can help them. Recovery will take time. 

Although we have been unable to hold worship services, a few believers gathered at the church with my wife, Pim, and me to pray for people and to assess the extent of the damage.  Afterward, we visited several families to pray for them and help with post-storm cleanup. 

The major damage to the church building was the roof. The typhoon caused a gaping hole that resulted in flooding of the kitchen and several other small leaks causing the ceiling tiles in the sanctuary to collapse. We praise the Lord that a few men were able to temporarily patch the hole immediately after the storm and prevented further damage. The collapsed ceiling tiles have also been removed and flooded areas dried out. Therefore, our temporary emergency repairs are complete. We are planning to restart our worship service next week for those who can come.  

We need your continued prayer and financial support to repair the extensive storm damage to the church and fund opportunities to help disaster victims in our community.

Please Pray

  • For those impacted by the storm as they try to recover from this disaster
  • For GCAC’S financial needs as we rebuild and repair damage to the building
  • For our church coworkers as they serve others and their families during this challenging time. Pray for faith, unity, and strength from the Lord. 
  • That God will reveal the many opportunities for us to share the gospel as we provide helping hands to those in need

How You Can Help

The estimated church building repair cost is $88,500. This includes replacing the roof, ceiling tiles, damaged carpets, and damaged ductwork; repainting interior and exterior walls; replacing damaged parking lot lights; and rewiring damaged electrical work.

Funding is also needed to assist disaster victims (we’re still assessing the needs).

Give now

Thank you for standing with us in being in hands and feet of Jesus!


Rev. Calvin Tan

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