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Called to Serve

As a high schooler, you can experience a call to ministry!

When you sense one, you need to explore it and have good conversations about it. Find someone ASAP to mentor/disciple you in your calling. This could be your pastor, a youth pastor, a church member who is a good role model, or a missionary you have met. You can have more than one—anyone you want to learn from can be a mentor.





This is a simple way to grow or gain some wisdom about the next steps in your life. Make time to talk to people you have noticed care about you. Make time to talk to people you respect because of what they do or how they do it. Take time to talk to your pastors.


When you are in the Word, worship, prayer, or community and God asks you to do something–make it a practice to obey. Ask the Holy Spirit to empower you to do this.


Make a practice to always have someone you meet with regularly to process life. Meet with other people who are experts in their field and who you love what they do. Get to know the leaders in your church and district. You take the initiative and ask someone to meet with you and set up the dates and times.


To begin to learn what God is calling you to do, begin to serve in your church or community. It’s in serving that you learn what you are passionate about and what your gifts are. Gain experience through taking advantage of opportunities like district events, Envision, conferences or internships, or leadership development. Ask about these opportunities if you are unsure about them.

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