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Called to Serve

As a high schooler, you can experience a call to ministry!

When you sense one, you need to explore it and have good conversations about it. Find someone ASAP to mentor/disciple you in your calling. This could be your pastor, a youth pastor, a church member who is a good role model, or a missionary you have met. You can have more than one—anyone you want to learn from can be a mentor.



Start investigating. How do you love to serve in your church and community? What are you good at? What brings you joy?


Ask someone who does what you would enjoy doing in the community or in church if you can work with them to learn what they do. Ask your pastor where help is needed.


  • Be in the Word – Find a Bible-reading plan and get some accountability
  • Be in Prayer – Pray big prayers for your friends to come to know Jesus and for revival in your city
  • Be in Community – Your Christian friends in youth group can help you grow! So can your mentor or youth pastor
  • Be in Church – Find a way to serve


  • Attend any Alliance events
  • Go to church camp
  • Go to LIFE
  • Go out with ENVISION on short-term missions
  • Go to district events
  • Go to Called Ones events
  • Start an Alliance event in your area
  • Be known in your district


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