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Loan Repayment Program

At this time, the Student Loan Repayment Program has been suspended and new applications are not currently being accepted. We anticipate to restart the program again after January 2025.

The Loan Repayment Program is a loan-matching program available to students who have graduated from an Alliance college or university; have incurred tuition debt, and are accredited Alliance licensed workers serving in vocational ministry with The Alliance.

At this time, only undergraduate loan applicants will be considered. Loan repayments made through the program are not scholarships and therefore are considered taxable compensation. Loan repayment amounts are sent directly to the participant’s loan agency and will match an amount equal to what the student has paid toward his/her loans in that year, as funds are available. The amount The Alliance contributes in one year will not count toward the amount matched the following year.

In order to be considered for this program:

  • Applicants must apply within five years of graduation
  • Applicants must have incurred their educational debt in a program of study leading to a degree from an Alliance college, university, or seminary
  • Applicants must currently be serving in a local Alliance church ministry or overseas as licensed Alliance workers and have successfully completed the accreditation process for ministry
  • Applicants currently involved in Alliance church ministry must provide a letter of recommendation from their district superintendent. Those currently serving in the overseas Missionary Apprentice Program should contact the director for candidate development to request a recommendation letter
  • Applicants must be regular contributors to the Great Commission Fund

Alliance Missions Appointees

The Alliance President’s Cabinet has approved a restricted account through which family, friends, and churches may help pay for an international ministry appointee’s debt retirement. In addition to Alliance funding, donors can contribute up to $12,000 between the time of the candidate’s appointment and deployment.

Undergraduate Graduates

Applicants with undergraduate degrees who are accredited Alliance licensed workers with The Alliance in the United States or overseas may receive up to $12,000 over a three-year period ($4,000 per year) toward tuition debt repayment.

*Master’s level graduates and Doctoral program graduates are not eligible for the Loan Repayment Program

Email us to learn more about the loan repayment program.