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CAMA Services

In partnership with local leaders, local believers, and the local church, Compassion and Mercy Associates’ (CAMA) mission is to demonstrate Christ’s compassion through immediate relief and long-term development that transforms lives and restores communities.   

CAMA’s international workers support long-term development work through projects involving agriculture, business development, community wellness and advocacy, education, as well as health and wellness. While sharing the gospel through both word and deed, they utilize local strengths and resources to empower impoverished communities, partner with Alliance churches worldwide to care for the victims of both manmade and natural disasters, as well as come alongside refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs).  

All applicants must have a call to gospel demonstration and proclamation, have a heart for poor and marginalized, and be willing to raise partial support. Applicants must have U.S. citizenship, a recognized college degree, and two years of relevant work experience.  

CAMA is actively seeking Alliance men and women with a calling to serve the poor and marginalized. We are passionate about addressing our world’s ongoing injustices and crises and are looking for new team members who know the reason for our hope and who care deeply about this broken world. 

marketplace ministries (mm) worker

marketplace ministries is an association of C&MA professionals employed in international, secular, and faith settings. The mm team believes that work is worship and all of life’s activities are sacred. Their goal is to disciple people God has placed within their span of influence and establish them in the local church where possible.

Approximately 160 Alliance marketplace ministries professionals serve in 34 countries through work that includes sustainable business development, medical care, teaching, and a host of other valued services to the communities where they live. Members either earn a wage on the field, raise support, or do a combination of the two. The Alliance’s GCF assists mm workers with funding for health insurance and other important benefits.

aXcess — Clergy Track (IWC)

As the structure of Alliance Missions with church planting and multiplication as its passion, our aXcess worker’s vision is to see a world with the gospel for every person and a church for every people. Often serving on teams alongside our Alliance World Fellowship partners, aXcess workers experience the different stages of reaching people with the gospel: discipling new believers, multiplying believers into faith communities, developing those faith communities into a network of churches, and encouraging church networks to develop a passion for bringing the gospel to more places by becoming a self-sustaining mission movement.

aXcess workers include clergy track (IWC) and vocational track (IWV) workers that have distinctive qualifications and different roles to play, while both having the same mission: proclaiming the gospel and multiplying networks of faith communities among the least reached of the world.

IWC Qualifications

Personal Calling and Character

Candidates must be able to verbalize and exhibit God’s call on their lives, demonstrate spiritual and character development, and be in alignment with the C&MA’s values and vision.

Academic Preparation

In pursuing a solid academic foundation, candidates should plan on completing the following coursework:

  • A recognized bachelor’s degree (both spouses if married)
  • 30 hours of Bible, theology, and ministry (for spouse pursuing ordination/consecration)
  • 15 hours of missions
  • Graduate studies are valued and may be advantageous or required for some positions. (See specific Ministry Opportunity Descriptions [MODs] for details.)
  • In the case of married couples, the spouse not pursuing ordination/consecration must complete a minimum of 18 hours of Bible/theology and 12 hours of missions/ministry studies, at least six hours of which must be in cross-cultural studies or missions.

Professional Development and Mission Preparation

It is crucial that prospective Alliance international workers obtain missional ministry experience and learn to work on a ministry team.

  • Alliance international workers will be required to complete a minimum of two years in Alliance Licensed Ministry Experience (ALME). During this season of preparation, workers are coached in the key competencies needed for effective cross-cultural ministry.
  • International Apprentice Program: In certain cases, opportunities may be available for candidates to perform their Alliance Licensed Ministry Experience overseas. This is an option only for those pursuing the IWC track.
  • All IWC positions require ordination or consecration. For a couple, only one spouse is required to be ordained or consecrated.
  • Personality assessments and medical histories must be completed to measure and encourage good physical and emotional health.

aXcess — Vocational Track (IWV)

This track generally involves educational, financial, medical, logistical, or community development work; business services; or vocationally driven ministries related to the establishment and development of a network of churches.

All IWV applicants must meet specific qualifications to serve. If you are appointed, you will receive extensive orientation prior to deployment and begin language study once on the field. Prospective Alliance international workers must demonstrate an ability to achieve fluency in a second language.

IWV Qualifications

Personal Calling and Character

Candidates must be able to verbalize and exhibit God’s call on their lives, demonstrate spiritual and character development, and be aligned with the C&MA’s values and vision.

Academic Preparation

Although formal theological training in a C&MA school is not required, candidates will complete an exam to ensure they have a sufficient working knowledge of the Bible. Candidates are required to have completed the missions Perspectives Course or an approved equivalent and to complete the Alliance Polity Course, available online. Contact the Ministerial Studies Program Office for further information.

Professional Development

Candidates must give ample evidence of proficiency in their vocation and must have served effectively as volunteers in strategic local church ministry for a minimum of two years. Teachers for international worker children must have state certification and at least two years of commendable teaching experience. Medical personnel must have professional certification and licensing. Personal exams and medical histories must be completed to assess and encourage good physical and emotional health.


As a ministry of the C&MA, Envision identifies and develops missional leaders who innovate, establish, and strengthen communities of faith in key urban environments. They do this through short-term trips, internships, leadership development, and ministry opportunities in the Alliance family.

Envision has 22 sites internationally and stateside that provide opportunities to participate in what God is doing around the world through connecting with local churches, serving in urban settings, or bringing social justice to dark places. Participants experience discipleship working with and serving under long-term workers who are pioneering, building, and leading impactful ministries in their cities.

Envision Site Worker

Envision sites are staffed with site coordinators and site associates who have strong interpersonal skills, a heart to care for people, and the ability to be task focused.

Envision staff possess a unique missional calling. They are passionate about local ministry, to see growth in local churches and ministries, and about discipleship and mentoring short-term volunteers who serve alongside them.

The job of a site coordinator/associate involves three parts:

  • Local ministry partnership to support the work of local churches and other international workers through short-term people resources;
  • The discipleship of interns, teams, and others so they develop a healthy, deeper life with Jesus as well as cross-cultural understanding and training for lasting impact; and
  • Local personal ministry according to gifting, vision, and involvement.