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Child Safety and Abuse Reporting

The Alliance firmly believes that children are especially close to God’s heart. In Matthew 18:5-6, Jesus clearly expresses his care for the youngest among us. The Alliance, a Christian, evangelical missions denomination, considers it the sacred responsibility of every person associated with the organization to protect, care for, and nurture the children God has graciously placed under its care. We are committed to promptly addressing every reported allegation of child abuse that may arise in association with our work overseas and to providing helpful resources to churches and districts that may deal with such allegations in the United States. Passionately committed to making every effort to prevent children from experiencing any form of abuse, The Alliance has developed the following child safety policies, procedures, and abuse prevention training.

Reporting Abuse

The Alliance encourages every official worker to take seriously the responsibility to report any suspension or allegation of child abuse to the appropriate authority in their state. In conjunction with the steps required by the Uniform Policy on Discipline, districts, churches and official workers should, at a minimum, follow the respective state laws and report to local authorities when there is knowledge or suspicion of abuse. A useful website ( can assist with understanding applicable state law.


Chairperson of the Sensitive Issues Consultative Group

John A. Thomas

724 Front St.
Suite 600
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Phone: 307-679-7436

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Child Safety & Protection, Reporting Abuse, International, Independent advocates, Independent Contact for Receiving Reports

Ms. Patricia A. Hendrix

910 Willowbrook Drive SE, #1
Huntsville, AL 35802

Phone: 256-937-8642

[email protected]

Safe Place Book

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Churches have the privilege and responsibility to create safe places for vulnerable populations in the church. Safe Place provides an extensive roadmap for churches to protect vulnerable people, train staff and volunteers, establish policies and procedures, and demonstrate integrity and accountability to families. The Christian and Missionary Alliance have partnered with Plan to Protect™ to create this comprehensive plan to create safe places for kids and teens, covering topics including interviewing & screening volunteers, legal liability and reporting, suicide prevention, and substance abuse. Safe Places contains extensive appendices (39 sections and over 85 pages) plus free access to download all appendices in digital format.