August 8, 2021

Pregnant Migrant Women Find a Home

Expecting migrant women find safe shelter, medical care, mentoring, and the love of Jesus at an Eastern Europe maternity home.

In a small village in north and central Asia, a desperate father—concerned for his migrant daughter trapped in a dangerous domestic situation—reached out to an organization for help. His daughter was rescued and brought to a safe place. That safe place is a maternity home in Eastern Europe Alliance workers helped launch in 2019 for migrant women who come to the city to find work. Through a variety of crisis situations, they often end up pregnant and alone.

Full of shame, separated from their support systems, and sometimes unable to speak the local language, these women often abort or abandon their babies. The maternity home is there to provide migrant mothers with temporary housing, counseling, mentoring, access to medical and legal assistance, and supportive relationships with believers who share the hope of Christ.

Alliance people have been vitally involved at each stage of this ministry. Small groups have sewn baby hats and collected newborn clothing. VBS groups have raised awareness and funds. Churches and individuals have faithfully prayed, encouraged, and provided financial support. A short-term team helped prepare the apartment for residents and provided trauma-informed care training.

THANK YOU for these acts of love and generosity that have borne fruit in the transformed lives of migrant women!

Plans are underway to open a larger facility where up to 10 women and their children can stay at a time. This home would include a yard where kids can play and a large gathering space where residents can be trained in job skills.

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