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Aptitude Assessments

IDAK MAX Assessment

The IDAK MAX is a tool that determines your attributes quickly and accurately. It searches for key traits to predict your innate potential as well as your natural ability to be efficient, responsible, and self-disciplined. The MAX Report tests for Character and Interpersonal Temperament Traits and Natural Talents, a total of 86 traits reported in a simple and easy-to-read format.

The assessment process includes three online assessments which take about 3-4 hours to complete. Assessments include the 16PF (16 Personality Factors), the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis, and the Talent Discovery Guide.

Following completion of the three online assessments, IDAK MAX creates a report.  Before the report is considered valid, a validation interview is completed with an approved IDAK validation counselor.

The IDAK MAX process has been academically tested and was preferred to Strengths Finder. You will understand yourself better, where you best fit, and how you can work to your natural talents, avoiding burnout.

IDAK MAX is a copyrighted ministry of The Christian and Missionary Alliance having been originally founded by John Bradley of the IDAK Group. The validation process has been normed for persons in ministry with a focus on the 19 key pastoral talents.

The cost for the IDAK MAX process varies. Candidates, churches, and districts from within The Christian and Missionary Alliance receive significant discounts.

The IDAK Prime is available for individuals who don’t speak English and for those whom English is a second language.

To begin the IDAK MAX process please use the following link:

Talent Discovery Guide

The Talent Discovery Guide is a tool designed to assist in discovering your everyday patterns of behavior that identify your talent strengths. This tool is for all individuals who want to identify their intuitive natural strengths versus learned skills.

The guide is a simple online assessment that takes about 90 minutes to complete. Candidates receive a report that identifies their natural communication talents. A validation interview is not required for the Talent Discovery Guide. It is highly recommended, though.

The cost for the Talent Discovery Guide is currently $15.00 and can be paid using PayPal. To begin the process please use the following link:

For more information about IDAK Prime, IDAK MAX, the Talent Discovery Guide, and to set up a validation interview, please contact Wayne Spriggs.

Wayne Spriggs serves as the IDAK Facilitator for The Alliance.

In 2003/4 Wayne was first trained in the IDAK processes by the founder of the IDAK Group, John Bradley. In 2017 Wayne was certified as an approved IDAK MAX Validation Counselor. A former District Superintendent, and adjunct professor for Crown College online, Wayne is a graduate of Nyack College/Alliance Theological Seminary in the Doctor of Ministry program. Since being certified as an IDAK MAX Validation Counselor, Wayne has conducted hundreds of IDAK MAX Validation interviews. These interviews have been conducted for Master’s level students in the Crown College online program; pastoral candidates and ministers of The Alliance; along with some in the marketplace.

In addition to facilitating the IDAK process for The Alliance, Wayne is open to providing validation interviews for individuals completing the IDAK MAX assessments.