Women sewing

In aXcess, workers are sent to the darkest places of our world to proclaim the greatest truth—the redeeming love of Christ.


aXcess workers go…

  • Longing for people to know Jesus and find belonging in His church
  • Focused on establishing and empowering the church
  • Understanding they’re in it for the long haul

  • With quality education and training
  • Backed by U.S. Alliance churches and supporters

The Strategy

Each aXcess worker belongs to a team. Many of those teams live among a people who have little or no chance of finding a church, a Bible in their language, or even a Jesus follower. In villages, towns, and cities, the workers pioneer creative and strategic ways to build friendships and a meaningful presence.

The Result

As the Holy Spirit moves, friends become believers. Believers are discipled. Disciples boldly share the greatest truth. And then God’s Kingdom multiplies (X)!



aXcess = multiplying networks of faith communities among the least reached of the world


The Timing

In Alliance history, through decades of work, we have seen the church multiply in seemingly impossible nations. So, we keep at it.

In nations where aXcess serves, you’ll discover workers at different stages. Some are in the early phase of building relationships, other are focused on discipling new believers, and others are working to empower and train networks. It takes a diverse team of people.


Want to join an aXcess team?

New workers are needed to strengthen teams and continue the work. If you’re interested in serving, check out our openings.

Want to be an aXcess apprentice?

If you’re in college or completed your degree, we would encourage you think about an apprenticeship. An aXcess apprenticeship gives you an opportunity to receive quality church ministry experience either overseas or in an U.S. Alliance church.