aXcess: Youth Pastor and Community Developer in the Middle East

This position is for a male pastor to the community that can work with the Alliance Academy and the pastor of the local church to reach and disciple families from the school and community, as well as church families. As a primary contact with the church, this person should speak Arabic. The worker would not be on the church staff but would collaborate with the pastor and church staff to plan and carry out community outreach. They would also work with the school director to connect the school to the community.

CAMA: Job Creation and Sustainable Development in a Capital City in the Middle East

Work alongside the Alliance national church in the capital city to provide expertise and training in sustainable development for people recovering from the widespread effect of a massive explosion in 2020.


The openness of the people in our city will give the applicant(s) opportunities to build friendships and share their faith. An active church life will offer discipleship for new believers and further development of spiritual gifts.

aXcess: TCK-Education Assistant and Community Development

In a country with a slower pace of life, you will join a team that operates an NGO and, alongside our local staff, meets felt needs of our city and surrounding villages. Team goals, aside from the NGO, include relational evangelism, equipping local leaders, and church planting in surrounding villages through life-on-life experiences, like drinking tea, sitting with neighbors, and making connections on local transportation.