aXcess: Tea Drinking, Disciple Making, and Church Planting in Central Asia

The warm openness of the people will allow for opportunities to build relationships and share truth with those you encounter throughout your day. Living in our large city allows for a variety of ministry options that will connect with your passions and skills. Through your ministry role, intentional interaction with locals will create avenues for disciple making, church planting, and leadership development. Opportunities for work within and outside the city are available. Much of the ministry work is accomplished at tables, sharing tea, and doing life side-by-side with locals.

CAMA: ESL Program Director/Teacher in Arab Lands

Teaching English is a part of the holistic development and disciplemaking that this team performs in their community. This program meets a need of the community while providing opportunities for authentic relationships.

aXcess: Launching a New Team into One of the World’s Most Ancient Cities Along the Silk Road in Central Asia

We are looking for Christ-centered entrepreneurial workers who are passionate about bringing gospel access to one of the darkest and most unreached parts of the world. The work is new in this country, so there are many possibilities for ministry based on the gifting and desire of the applicant. We desire someone whose heart is church planting but who will use unique skills, passions, and giftings to create a job or ministry that will bless and serve the community they are part of. A new work is being launched into this country, and we are looking to build a team. We will be hiring two new households/units for this job posting.

aXcess: Evangelism and Church Multiplication in the Middle East

To plant churches among a diverse population, you will serve on a team that partners closely with the national church in evangelism and discipleship. The team seeks creative ways to serve the community and build relationships through which the gospel can be demonstrated and explained. In addition, a potential secondary aspect of this role is to provide mentoring for Bible institute students during student ministry internships and teaching an occasional course at the regional Bible institute.

aXcess: Fuel New Disciple-Making Endeavor in the Middle East

Workers are needed to help launch a new team impacting an unreached Middle Eastern city. There has been very little success with church planting and effective discipling of disciple makers among the majority population—in spite of much international NGO work in the city. From this highly strategic area there is enormous potential to reach countries that make daily headlines with the good news. The successful applicant(s) will work with his/her teammates and other area partners to launch a community center that touches hundreds of families and fosters relationships of trust from which proclamation, discipling, church planting, and mentoring of leaders can be effectively engaged. A new work is being launched into this country, and we are looking to build a team. We will be hiring two new households/units for this job posting.

aXcess: Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders in the Middle East

Workers will be based at the Alliance international church located in a historic Middle Eastern country and will partner with other local Alliance churches to plan and pioneer new outreach efforts in communities in and around the area. Past outreach efforts include English programs, youth and children’s events, and relief and development. Through these efforts, workers have successfully built meaningful connections with the broader community and established the international church as a uniquely welcoming place for people from all backgrounds. Ideal candidates will be creative and forward thinking with a passion to work with and empower local believers (especially the next generation) to advance the Kingdom.

aXcess: Language Center Director in the Middle East

This ministry focuses on reaching the majority people with the gospel through operating a language/community center while partnering with the local church. Through the center, we are seeking to develop relationships in a broader sphere in the local community by partnering with church members and sharing the gospel. The team has a good relationship with the local pastor and church leaders, who we likewise seek to encourage and develop particularly as the church seeks to establish churches across our region.

aXcess: Plant an Intercultural Church in a Vibrant and Historic City in the Middle East

New workers will be based in one of the cities in which the Alliance currently has a presence, either in the south or in the capital. Alliance teams working among the majority people are diverse, with IW units from four different countries. New IWs will work within existing teams and local congregations to develop leaders and assist with the development of a church-planting strategy, either in an under-served geographical location or among an under-served segment of society. Ideal candidates will be skilled in forming and maintaining strategic Kingdom partnerships and have a passion for church multiplication grounded in deep spiritual formation.

aXcess: Opportunity at the End of the Earth in Mongolia

We are seeking individuals and/or couples who are called to serve in Mongolia. There are multiple opportunities for Kingdom-focused service—depending on gifts, calling, skills, and education. Our multicultural team works closely with local believers to support and develop the national church and local leaders.

Envision: Site Associate in the Middle East

The successful applicant(s) will join the new Envision team working with a variety of partners, local non-governmental organizations (NGOs), an established international church, and multiple local congregations. The individual or couple will work with majority populations, as well as various immigrant populations, making a strong contribution to the local Alliance ministries through personal participation and hosting teams and interns to connect them in local ministries. They will invest heavily in the growth and development of all short-term volunteers (teams, interns, and residents).