CAMA: Poverty Reduction Among Stateless Haitians in the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic (DR), people of Haitian background have been living for multiple generations without any legal nationality in either the DR or Haiti. These populations are vulnerable to poverty and exploitation, but there is a growing effort among Dominican churches to minister in these communities. An Envision site is equipped to provide structure to the work and facilitate the development of future international workers. The applicant would coordinate efforts between Dominican churches and Envision to have an impact on these vulnerable people while also helping to develop the next generation of Alliance workers.

Envision: Site Associate—Student Center Development in the Dominican Republic

The Caribbean Sea is just a few blocks away, and Santo Domingo is the place that God is raising up the next generation of missional leaders. Join Envision DR as we reach out to over 100,000 college students through English learning, great coffee, and a variety of other campus ministry opportunities at our new student center called The Greenhouse. Partner with the Dominican Alliance church as we develop both Dominican and American ministry leaders through short-term teams and interns, working alongside local leaders towards personal and church growth.

Envision: Site Associate—Guesthouse Manager in the Dominican Republic

Envision DR needs someone gifted in hospitality. Come join a growing team in the former capital of the Spanish empire in the Western Hemisphere. As short-term teams and interns join the long-term work of The Alliance in the DR, we need teammates to run our guesthouse and housing facilities at our student center. Invest your lives in the next generation of missional leaders while creating a culture of discipleship and development. We need someone who is highly gifted in administration and hospitality. Engagement with other Envision DR ministries, as time allows, will be encouraged.