Envision: Guest House Manager in El Salvador

We are seeking a dedicated and skilled guest house manager to oversee the development and operation of our Envision guest houses. The primary responsibilities will include attracting and managing guests, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience, and handling general maintenance. The applicant would utilize business administration skills to strategically promote the guest houses online to those seeking an Airbnb-type space or larger, dormitory type accommodations. The ideal candidate should possess adept maintenance skills to maintain the highest quality of service and condition. Additionally, a passion for local evangelism and discipleship is crucial, as the role involves immersion in a dynamic urban environment.

CAMA: Poverty Reduction Among Stateless Haitians in the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic (DR), people of Haitian background have been living for multiple generations without any legal nationality in either the DR or Haiti. These populations are vulnerable to poverty and exploitation, but there is a growing effort among Dominican churches to minister in these communities. An Envision site is equipped to provide structure to the work and facilitate the development of future international workers. The applicant would coordinate efforts between Dominican churches and Envision to have an impact on these vulnerable people while also helping to develop the next generation of Alliance workers.

CAMA: Poverty Reduction and At-Risk Women in Central America

The successful applicant(s) will have numerous opportunities to work closely with Central American Alliance churches to develop programs that work to reduce poverty in the community while also strengthening the local church and the community. Women have especially been impacted by the effects of poverty, leading to issues with human trafficking and violence. The successful applicant(s) will get to apply their own creativity and experience to develop programs in cooperation with local churches to address these areas.

CAMA: Urban Community Development in a Unique City in Paraguay

Ciudad del Este is a dynamic, modern city on the border of Paraguay and Brazil. It is also home to a large population who practice the majority religion of the Middle East and close to marginalized indigenous communities that are just 2 percent evangelical. The blend of Middle Eastern, Latino, and indigenous peoples makes this a unique place for community development ministry through business development, agriculture, educational, or health projects.

aXcess: Church Consultant and Pastoral Coach in Central America

Central America (CA) is a region unified by history and language but populated by distinct cultures. The role of this international worker is to serve alongside the pastors and national church networks in this region where the gospel has been preached but for the most part, The Alliance is under-developed. In most of our five Central America countries, The Alliance has yet to establish capacity that will empower it to continue church expansion and extension. This IW couple will work with a multicultural, multinational team of local Central America pastoral leaders in mentoring, church development consultation, and theological education.

aXcess: Multicultural Church Planting and Outreach in Paraguay

Your primary role will be multiplying church networks in Ciudad del Este (CDE), a diverse international community. You will help the local multinational church to grow and reach people from around the world who are living in CDE. A secondary role will be developing people. You will mentor Latino IW candidates in a multinational partnership and potentially teach at a three-year ministry formation program run by the national church that helps develop national pastors and leaders. Another secondary role will be serving communities. You will develop and serve with an economically disadvantaged indigenous people group.

aXcess: Projects Coordinator and Strategic Projects Assistant in Latin America

Ministry will be divided between this creative-access country and the United States, with a base in the Miami area that could lead to a semi-permanent, in-country assignment. Support of the team’s leadership amid a complex context of internal and external challenges will require flexibility and grace. This will include working closely with the team leader to organize trips, in-country project oversight, and stakeholder communication. This person will need administrative and organizational abilities to meet the strategic needs identified by the country’s national leadership.

aXcess: Teaching and Leadership Development in Paraguay

Your primary role will be developing people. You will mentor Latino IW candidates in a multinational partnership. These South American Alliance IW candidates complete this internship prior to being sent by their national church, mainly to countries that restrict access to North Americans. You will also teach at a three-year ministry formation program run by the national church that helps build up national pastors and leaders. A secondary role will be multiplying church networks by helping the local multinational church to grow and reach people from around the world living in Ciudad del Este (CDE). Another secondary role will be serving communities by developing and helping with a nearby economically disadvantaged people group.

CAMA: Assist Marginalized Children through Education in Bolivia

In this country, most children lack access to quality education. The successful applicant(s) will work with local church partners to improve access and outcomes in education.

aXcess: Church Planting Joint Ministry with National Church in Mexico

Ministry will be in church planting near Tepic, the capital city of the state of Nayarit, with a population of 350,000 people, and guided by an agreement we have with the Mexican national church. Ministry will also involve working alongside a Mexican leadership team, giving stability to an emerging church plant begun by a Mexican national pastor. In addition, ministry will involve developing strong local church leadership by mentoring and discipling—along with the stated goal of evangelism and outreach ministry to a least-reached people group (Wixarika or Cora) in the Tepic area.