aXcess: Team Leader in Ukraine

The team leader will help the C&MA team and national church leadership to develop ministries in a rapidly growing and war-torn country. They are to help the national church maintain a missionary and evangelical focus. They will help facilitate discipleship and training for new pastors and will work with displaced Ukrainians and provide emotional and spiritual care to the national pastors.

aXcess: National Church Developer in UkraineĀ 

Ideally, we would have three national church developers to serve in three distinct regions: Kyiv and central Ukraine, eastern Ukraine (Donetsk, Zaporizhzhya, and Odessa regions), and northwestern Ukraine. The developers will work with the local national district bishops to rebuild and renew churches affected by the war. The developers will assist with new church plants. Developers will coordinate with CAMA and Envision in their areas of expertise.

aXcess: Post-War Care and Recovery Developer in UkraineĀ 

This role will help provide the national church with the needed resources and tools to care for pastors and people traumatized by war, train and disciple national church pastors to care for the emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs caused by the war, and help focus on the recovery of families separated by the war and for soldiers returning to civilian life.

CAMA: Reconstruction and Redevelopment in Ukraine

Once the war ends, the country of Ukraine will start to rebuild. The successful applicant(s) will oversee the reconstruction and redevelopment work in and around Kyiv and work closely with national church leadership, aXcess workers, and Envision workers. Work will include rebuilding and redevelopment of both Christian and non-Christian homes and businesses while sharing the love of Christ in word and deed.