aXcess: Church Planting Among Immigrants in Spain 

This ministry is heavy on evangelism and church planting. We are looking for someone gifted and passionate about sharing Jesus with immigrants and refugees. The ministry also includes gathering people into small house churches and discipling new believers. There might be opportunities to do evangelism through social work and development, but the main focus is on direct evangelism, and candidates need to be comfortable with that. A secondary focus could be providing administrative help for the region’s diaspora ministry network.

aXcess: Disciplemaking and Gospel Access Outreach Among Immigrants in Spain 

The Alliance pioneer working group has started its work in Madrid in the central region of Spain. We seek an individual or couple to bring gospel access through a new interagency team initiative to immigrants and refugees who are concentrated along the Henares River Corridor, just east of Madrid, Spain. We expect that the individual or couple can make a solid contribution in areas of relational evangelism and discipleship through services and creative activities to build trusting relationships that can stand the weight of gospel Truth. We have the clear goal to form and foster new communities of faith.

aXcess: Making Disciples Among Diaspora People Groups in Spain

This opportunity is in a large city with more than 250,000 residents and at least 23,000 migrants from a neighboring country. We navigate every day between Spanish culture and diaspora cultures. There are many arts programs, music events, and festivals throughout the year. There are mild temperatures and 300 annual days of sunshine. While migrants are welcome into this country, many students are behind in school, and a lot of them come to our community center to receive tutoring in the afternoons. Also, the team is praying and planning a church plant with the diaspora groups living here. This ministry is highly relational and requires flexibility.