Envision: Berlin Staff

This is an exciting opportunity for a creative individual or couple to join our team. In this role, you will have the unique opportunity to work closely with artists and creatives while equipping and developing individuals for long-term Christian service. You will play a key role in identifying and nurturing talented artists, facilitating creative collaborations, and providing mentorship and support to help artists, interns, and residents grow in their craft and faith. If you are driven by the desire to connect art, faith, and culture, this position offers an exciting platform to impact lives and transform communities.

aXcess: Outreach and Church Planting in Northeast Germany 

A deeply rooted atheism from Soviet influence, as well as a skewed view of religion and the church, has resulted in many people in this region not knowing who Jesus truly is. Our team desires to see people encounter Jesus and communities of faith established through church planting in northeastern Germany. We desire the church in northeastern Germany to have a powerful spiritual impact for Christ now and for future generations to come.

aXcess: Outreach and Evangelism for Church Planting in Berlin, Germany 

The applicant will build relationships with non-believers in order to demonstrate their submission to Christ and desire to live like Him. Applicants will proclaim the message of the gospel with words and actions to reach out to postmodern German and Spanish speakers in Berlin.