aXcess: Creative Church Planting in France

This opportunity is for a person or couple with a heart for French people, namely a younger, urban French generation that is spiritually lost with little gospel witness among them. The workers will be serving in a culturally diverse, economically growing metropolitan area to creatively engage in relational evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development as a foundation for establishing faith communities. They will work as a team alongside the current C&MA Bordeaux cohort with the goal of starting new communities of faith in the Bordeaux area.

aXcess: Software Engineer in France

This role leverages technology to strengthen and support Alliance ministries internationally. As part of the Global IT Team, you would develop software and websites that are used by international workers and their related ministries so that they can be more effective. As an aXcess worker, you would also be asked to develop relationships in the community in order to have a meaningful, impactful presence for the gospel in your host country. Additionally, you must be part of a local church and seek opportunities to serve in that community.

aXcess: Missional Community Developer in Paris

This is a great opportunity for a highly relational person or couple who have a heart to reach lost people in an urban context. As a team member, this individual or couple would be responsible for training disciple-makers and making a strong contribution to evangelism and leadership development efforts that go into the forming of new missional communities of faith that will multiply themselves. Missional communities will contribute to and help advance the national church’s vision to plant and multiply churches.

A “missional community” is a gospel-centered group that gathers regularly with evangelistic intent. They create a space where non-believers are hospitably invited to experience Spirit-filled, biblical community. It is a place to discover God and His Word through dialogue. People are discipled, mentored, and developed into leaders there. Missional communities multiply into additional communities. In our context, these groups would meet outside of church buildings, have an element of “breaking bread together,” and each would be led by two units (couples or singles).