aXcess: Church Planting and Leadership Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Team members participate in relationship evangelism, church planting, center ministry, small church ministry, leadership development, and discipleship in partnership with local churches or networks of believers. The team will mentor you as you learn the language and culture. As a mission, we work closely with the national church to heal our heart-shaped country—one heart at a time. Overwhelmed by the greatness of the task? Can’t imagine what it is like to be the only believer on your block or in your town? Jesus has all you need, and He will provide what you need to run the race with perseverance. We are not saying it isn’t really hard, but we know that He is eternally faithful.

CAMA: Serve at an Immigrant/Refugee Ministry Center in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Work alongside Alliance Missions aXcess workers serving immigrants and refugees in the cosmopolitan city of Sarajevo. Some areas of expertise preferred for this position are English as a Second Language (ESL), mental health counseling, and small business management/development services.