aXcess: Church Planting and Disciple Making in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Are you interested in working in a multi-ethnic country? What about one with a post-war environment—even though the war ended in 1995? Or one that has very few believers? Are you spiritually prepared to live in a place where Satan’s strongholds are as ancient as the incredible mountains? Are evangelism and disciple-making part of your gifting?

Explore the opportunity to share the love of Christ in central Bosnia where the door is opening to the gospel. Consider joining a regional team that is establishing healthy churches—a team that is in it for the long haul. It’s hard work that requires determination and perseverance, and it just might be a perfect fit for your skill set.

We will mentor you as you learn the language and culture. As a team, we work closely with the national church to change Bosnia’s future one heart at a time. Feel inadequate? Powerless? Jesus is simply asking you this, “Can you tell them I love them? Can you tell them that I see what they have been through, and I have not forgotten them?”

CAMA: Serve at an Immigrant/Refugee Ministry Center in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Work alongside Alliance Missions aXcess workers serving immigrants and refugees in the cosmopolitan city of Sarajevo. Some areas of expertise preferred for this position are English as a Second Language (ESL), mental health counseling, and small business management/development services.