aXcess: Software Engineer in France

This role leverages technology to strengthen and support Alliance ministries internationally. As part of the Global IT Team, you would develop software and websites that are used by international workers and their related ministries so that they can be more effective.

aXcess: Church Planting and Disciplemaking in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Explore the opportunity to share the love of Christ in central Bosnia where the door is opening to the gospel. Consider joining a regional team that is establishing healthy churches—a team that is in it for the long haul. It’s hard work that requires determination and perseverance. And it just might be a perfect fit for your skill set.

aXcess: Ministry Among Immigrants and Refugees in Italy

Italy continues to receive wave after wave of immigrants and refugees, as it is one of the main entry points to the European Union. The successful applicant(s) will work with a new team to engage immigrants and refugees in Italy with the gospel in word and deed. The primary ministry focus will be on people who practice the majority religion of their home countries in North and West Africa and the Middle East.

aXcess: Church Planting and Disciplemaking in Kosovo

Today, many young people in Kosovo are disillusioned with the majority religion and are looking to the West to find hope for the future. We are looking for colleagues who will creatively use their skills and experience, both traditional and holistic, to engage this young population, share Christ, and develop communities of faith. If you enjoy building relationships over many cups of coffee and collaborating with a small, but vibrant, national church network to transform communities, then Kosovo may be a good fit for you. This position will be messy, stretching, challenging, and life changing. An adventurous, flexible, go-with-the-flow attitude is a must.

aXcess: Missional Community Developer in Paris

This is a great opportunity for a highly relational person or couple who have a heart to reach lost people in an urban context. As a team member, this individual or couple would be responsible to make a strong contribution to evangelism, training disciplemakers, and leadership development efforts that go into the forming of new missional communities of faith that will multiply themselves. Missional communities will contribute to and help advance the National Church’s vision to plant and multiply churches.

aXcess: Establishing Gospel Relationships Through a Community Center

The desire of this team is to work where God is working, to build relationships that are bridges to sharing the gospel, to help develop communities of faith, and to encourage new believers as they reach out to their families, friends, neighbors, and neighboring countries.

CAMA: Use EFL and Discipleship to Empower Young Adults

Join the CAMA team in bringing hope through discipling and teaching EFL at The Bridge, Kosovo’s new community resource center.

CAMA: Director Of Community Resource Center

CAMA is looking for a director for a community resource center in Kosovo.

CAMA: Serve at an Immigrant/Refugee Ministry Center

CAMA is looking for someone to serve among refugees and immigrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina.