ENVISION: Site Associate—Site Discipleship in Thailand

As a part of the team, this single or couple would be expected to make a strong contribution in areas of discipleship program development, leadership development, relational outreach, and hospitality. They would be expected to host short-term teams and interns. Working in this cross-cultural environment requires a strong missional calling, willingness to work on a team, flexibility, and a creative or innovative personality.

aXcess: Join a Team Developing Lay Leaders Throughout Thailand

Working within a team framework and expected to make a strong contribution, the successful applicant(s) will help train Thai pastors and church leaders to use the Center for Leadership Development (CLD) curriculum to raise up lay leaders in their churches. It is essential to have well-trained leaders for the Great Commission to be fulfilled. There is no shortcut to success in this dimension of missions. CLD has a vision to see churches across the country of various denominations—particularly Thai C&MA churches—utilize a proven process for training and multiplying effective lay leaders.

aXcess: Join a Church Planting Team in the Least-Reached Region in Thailand

This is a position for someone with a heart for church planting in an area with very few Christians. Thailand is a Buddhist country that has freedom of religion. Less than 0.2 percent of the population of this region are Christian. Come and use your skills to work alongside others in a newly formed church-planting team! Work in partnership with other Alliance workers and Thai believers to plant churches in Udon Thani Province in northeastern Thailand.

aXcess: Join a Bangkok Area Church Planting Team

Looking for a challenge to spread God’s Kingdom in a Buddhist country that has freedom of religion, yet less than one percent are Christian? Come and use your skills, giftings, and abilities to be a part of a church-planting team caring for the least-reached communities of the Bangkok metropolitan area!