CAMA: Highland Migrant Initiative in Indonesia

The applicant will work as part of a team in Wamena, Papua, focusing on strategic ways to reach the Indonesian majority faith population, many of whom have come to the interior highland town of Wamena, Papua to work. Almost all islands are represented, but the majority are from Makassar, Padang, Java, and Madura.

Envision: Site Staff in Indonesia

As part of a team, the appointee(s) will be expected to make contributions in hosting short-term teams and interns, build relational outreach opportunities, and participate in discipleship opportunities. They will be involved in hosting, mentoring, and providing hospitality and leadership development, especially as it relates to the next generation of cross-cultural workers. They will have opportunities to introduce interns and teams to a variety of ministry opportunities in agriculture, ESL, orphanages, prisons, unwed teen mothers, and local church involvement.

Envision: Site Personnel in Indonesia

This position would be responsible for the administration and management of a large property/facility and includes discipleship/mentoring, hospitality, and leadership development. The applicant needs to be gifted in administration, managing facilities, logistics, planning, and hosting. This role requires experience/expertise in prompt communication, managing finances, recruiting for guests/interns/facility usage/teams, and networking. The facility includes a conference center, guest rooms, cafeteria, classrooms, office space, and outdoor recreational areas. This requires some maintenance knowledge, the ability to manage a staff of locals, a strong missional calling, flexibility, willingness to work with a team, and a creative/innovative mindset. Live at the property and give oversight to all things related to running a large facility.

aXcess: Camp Activities/Program Director in Indonesia 

The purpose of Camp Lake Sentani is to provide a vibrant and effective ministry, targeting the children and youth of Papua, Indonesia. With 25 percent of Indonesia’s population under the age of 14, the Indonesia field is committed to reaching youth with the life-changing gospel of Jesus. The camp activities/program director will serve on a team of local individuals and IWs. He/she will give oversight/direction to the camp scheduling, program, and activities. He/she will be tasked with helping to develop local Indonesian staff grow as camp ministry personnel.

aXcess: Creative Church Planting in the New Capital of Indonesia

Join a newly-formed team to reach three unreached people groups in the future home of the new capital city of Indonesia. This pioneering work will join with the Indonesian C&MA church planters, plus a creative and multi-structure team, to plant seeds of ministry and develop creative ways of outreach.

aXcess: Bible School Teacher for National Students in Indonesia

The focus of this ministry is on teaching and training national students at a Bible college. The successful applicant(s) will not only teach but also mentor and model life to their students, many of whom follow the majority religion. This is an opportunity to see the national church rise up and share the good news with those who do not yet know it!

CAMA: Plant the Gospel by Planting Trees in Indonesia

Join a new team established to reach the unreached near Indonesia’s new Smart Forest City being carved out of the jungle. Join us to establish missional creation care initiatives!

CAMA: Model Compassion through Holistic Development Among the Urban Poor in Indonesia

Join a multi-specialization team working with the poor of one of Indonesia’s large cities.

More than half of Indonesia’s 240 million people are crowded into urban centers. For many, the dream of a new, better life is swallowed up by unemployment, poverty, and despair. Our teams are seeking compassionate, justice-driven singles and couples to model contextualized, holistic development in cities. The successful applicant will have the opportunity to train and support Indonesian counterparts—including Kemah Peduli (Tents of Compassion), the growing social foundation of the Gereja Kemah Ingil Indonesia (The Alliance in Indonesia). Alongside YKPI, they will work to increase the vision and capacity of The Alliance in Indonesia to more effectively engage in transformational community development across the archipelago.

CAMA: Holistic Community Development Among Migrants in Indonesia

Join a small team of aXcess and CAMA workers engaged in transformational community development among migrants coming from some of the least-reached people groups of Indonesia. Build meaningful, impactful relationships through creative holistic development projects while planting context-fitted fellowships. Work to serve migrant communities through creation care, fitness, agriculture, farming, English, small business, or other creative initiatives.