aXcess: Bible School Teacher for National Students in Indonesia

The focus of this ministry is on teaching and training national students at a Bible college. The successful applicant(s) will not only teach but also mentor and model life to their students, many of whom follow the majority religion. This is an opportunity to see the national church rise up and to share the good news with those who do not yet know it!

CAMA: Creative Community Development in Indonesia

Join a newly formed team to reach three unreached people groups in the future home of the new capital city of Indonesia. This pioneering team will work alongside the national church to plant seeds of ministry and develop creative ways of outreach.

CAMA: Community Restoration and Development

CAMA Services is looking for a community development specialist to join a team in Indonesia.

CAMA: Model Compassion and Holistic Development in an Urban Center

Join a multicultural team engaging in holistic community development in the capital of Indonesia.

CAMA: Develop a Holistic Gospel-Planting Outreach

CAMA is seeking a couple to build a holistic, contextualized ministry working in partnership with Alliance Missions and the national church.