aXcess: Field Bookkeeper in Cambodia

The bookkeeper is under the direction of the Cambodia field director and the International Financial Accountant (IFA) and is responsible for providing bookkeeping for the Cambodia field. In the performance of his/her responsibilities, this IW supports the overall mission of the C&MA Cambodia team.

aXcess: Empower a Provincial Hospital and Nursing School to Serve Their Community in Cambodia

Join us in partnering with the Cambodian government to strengthen a provincial hospital, which is missing some basic elements. We are using our hard-earned credit with the nearby nursing school in order to guide the hospital toward preventative care as well as model the type of spiritual care that we as believers have to offer.

aXcess: Addiction Recovery Ministry in Cambodia

Addiction, brokenness, and family dysfunction are rampant in Cambodia, bringing those caught in its web face to the ground in shame. By receiving God’s care and tough love, those looking for help can find healing, new habits and rhythms for life, restoration for their relationships, and a place in God’s Kingdom.

aXcess: Bring the Gospel to the Largest Unreached People Group in Cambodia

Although the gospel has taken root and thrived in Vietnam, across the border in Cambodia, immigrants from Vietnam remain without light—even though they are surrounded by the already-reached Khmer people who have experienced hope. The largest unreached people group in Cambodia is ripe for harvest, but few workers are willing to leave the places where churches have already been planted and go into the areas with no gospel access. We are praying for those willing to form a team with other IWs, Urban/Rural Ministry Training Center graduates, or other local believers to go.

aXcess: Sharing God’s Word with an Unreached People Group in Cambodia

This team is working to find ways to bring God’s Word into this people group through literacy, Scripture engagement, evangelism, and discipleship. The way this is done will depend on the skills and giftings of the successful applicant(s).

aXcess: Bring the Light of Christ to the Lao in Cambodia

There are no churches among the 60,000 Lao who live in Stung Treng Province, Cambodia, and the gospel has not spread from the Khmer people group who are now considered reached. Our team figures out what the Lao people group’s specific needs are and introduces them to Jesus!