CAMA: Highland Migrant Initiative in Indonesia

The applicant will work as part of a team in Wamena, Papua, focusing on strategic ways to reach the Indonesian majority faith population, many of whom have come to the interior highland town of Wamena, Papua to work. Almost all islands are represented, but the majority are from Makassar, Padang, Java, and Madura.

CAMA: Create Income-Generating Farming Opportunities in the Asia and Pacific Region 

The successful applicant(s) will use their agricultural experience to establish a farm business—with an orchard, goat farm, and possible fish farm—where pastors and church members can work part-time to earn a steady income. This vision began with a local partner who desires to see new house churches have a sustainable means of supporting bi-vocational ministry. The successful applicant(s) will train locals in agriculture, animal husbandry, and fish farming. This position will also create food security for a populous nation facing increased natural disasters.

Envision: Site Staff in Indonesia

As part of a team, the appointee(s) will be expected to make contributions in hosting short-term teams and interns, build relational outreach opportunities, and participate in discipleship opportunities. They will be involved in hosting, mentoring, and providing hospitality and leadership development, especially as it relates to the next generation of cross-cultural workers. They will have opportunities to introduce interns and teams to a variety of ministry opportunities in agriculture, ESL, orphanages, prisons, unwed teen mothers, and local church involvement.

CAMA: Small Business Development for Village Churches in Thailand

The Thai C&MA has planted village house churches as extensions of the Udon Thani City Church in Udon Thani Province, Thailand. Some of these churches are in slum and low-income rural communities. Many are yet unable to support a full-time pastor. This position will bring CAMA’s expertise in small-business/agro-business development to assist and encourage the families that make up these churches towards greater financial sustainability. This could also involve training of young pastors to be bi-vocational. The overall strategy is to create a practical income-generating model that the Thai C&MA can combine with future church-planting activities.

Envision: Site Personnel in Indonesia

This position would be responsible for the administration and management of a large property/facility and includes discipleship/mentoring, hospitality, and leadership development. The applicant needs to be gifted in administration, managing facilities, logistics, planning, and hosting. This role requires experience/expertise in prompt communication, managing finances, recruiting for guests/interns/facility usage/teams, and networking. The facility includes a conference center, guest rooms, cafeteria, classrooms, office space, and outdoor recreational areas. This requires some maintenance knowledge, the ability to manage a staff of locals, a strong missional calling, flexibility, willingness to work with a team, and a creative/innovative mindset. Live at the property and give oversight to all things related to running a large facility.

Envision: Deaf Ministry Project Leader in Bangkok

The Deaf ministry project leader will aim to achieve Envision Bangkok’s overall objectives and establish a Deaf ministry. As part of the Envision Bangkok team, the chosen individual or couple will play a significant role in church ministry, relational evangelism, discipleship, hospitality, and leadership development. They will also be responsible for hosting and developing short-term participants. This cross-cultural environment requires a strong calling to mission, a willingness to work collaboratively, flexibility, and an innovative mindset.

aXcess: Camp Activities/Program Director in Indonesia 

The purpose of Camp Lake Sentani is to provide a vibrant and effective ministry, targeting the children and youth of Papua, Indonesia. With 25 percent of Indonesia’s population under the age of 14, the Indonesia field is committed to reaching youth with the life-changing gospel of Jesus. The camp activities/program director will serve on a team of local individuals and IWs. He/she will give oversight/direction to the camp scheduling, program, and activities. He/she will be tasked with helping to develop local Indonesian staff grow as camp ministry personnel.

aXcess: Church Planting in the Least-Reached Region of Thailand 

Join a newly formed team to reach the least-reached region in Thailand by targeting one of the fastest growing areas in Thailand, Udon Thani Province. Come and work in partnership with other Alliance workers, the Thailand C&MA, and local Thai believers to develop creative outreaches, plant churches, and use proven methods of discipleship and leadership development.

aXcess: Join a Church-Planting Team to Reach Young People in Thailand 

This is a position for someone with a heart for reaching youth and young adults in an area where most churches consist only of the elderly and children. Thailand is a Buddhist country that has freedom of religion, but less than 0.2 percent of the population of this region are Christian. Come and use your skills to work alongside others in a newly formed church-planting team! Work in partnership with other Alliance workers and Thai believers to plant churches in the Udon Thani Province in northeastern Thailand. There is potential in future years for this worker to come alongside our Thai national church youth director to help him/her develop youth ministries, as this is a problem nationwide.

aXcess: Reach the Burmese Diaspora in Bangkok, Thailand 

This is a position for someone with a heart to reach the Burmese. Because of the current political situation in Myanmar, many Burmese are being displaced, with 100s of thousands of Burmese coming to Thailand as refugees and migrant workers. There are reports of Burmese in Thailand accepting Jesus as their Savior in unprecedented numbers. The hearts of the Burmese are open, and now is the time for them to hear how to know their Savior. The C&MA of Indonesia sent an IW to Thailand to work with Burmese pastors. The applicant would most likely partner with these workers to reach the Burmese while still receiving support and member care from the other aXcess workers in Thailand. This church planting team is newly developed and looking for a partner to join them who can use whatever training or skills he/she has to creatively reach the Burmese.