aXcess: AMH Director in Bangkok

The AMH (Asia Mosaic Home) ministry programs include a home away from home, a gathering place, a resource point, and a community center. AMH hopes to develop two more ministry programs: a training ground and a member care station. In 2020, when COVID-19 hit the world, the AMH temporarily closed. This became a golden opportunity for AMH to reset and rebuild. Join aXcess and serve in the world’s most visited city, serving IWs, guests, and locals in creative ways.  

aXcess: Field Bookkeeper in Cambodia

The bookkeeper is under the direction of the Cambodia field director and the International Financial Accountant (IFA) and is responsible for providing bookkeeping for the Cambodia field. In the performance of his/her responsibilities, this IW supports the overall mission of the C&MA Cambodia team.

aXcess: Vietnamese Ministry in Japan

One of the biggest ethnic groups in Japan are young Vietnamese. There is a huge need for a pastor who can plant Vietnamese churches and train leaders. Come join the vision of bringing the gospel to Japan by establishing Vietnamese churches across the country.

CAMA: Support Local Leaders in Outreach and Development in the Asia/Pacific Region

The successful applicant(s) will serve with and support local Christian leaders, believers, and ministries as they create opportunities to share the gospel with local people by using their own skill set and giftings.

CAMA: Refugee Community Development and Education in the Asia/Pacific Region

The successful applicant(s) will support refugee teachers through an ongoing teacher-training program. They will also provide mentorship, coaching, parenting advice, and nurturing through the learning centers and the community.

CAMA: Help Prevent Food Insecurity in the Asia/Pacific Region

Because of an ongoing economic crisis and widespread food shortages, 6.3 million people (30 percent of total population) in this nation are now food insecure. The successful applicant’s agribusiness expertise will help to develop a new hands-on training program for small business entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector. This individual or couple will work closely with a growing church network, which will empower the churches to have an impactful role in increasing long-term food security through educational interventions. The successful applicant(s) will train farmers with best practices and help them pilot new crop varieties. Using the church network as a base, this worker will be part of seeing gospel influence expand into rural areas.

CAMA: Engage Youth in English and Leadership Development in the Asia/Pacific Region

The successful applicant(s) will create an after-school supplementary English instruction program for 60 underprivileged high school students between 16–18 years old. The program will include six hours of English instruction, field trips, special events, and thematic activities. This would ideally become part of a U.S. Embassy-sponsored program. This program will provide a natural context to form friendships with youth that offers opportunities to share a spiritual perspective.

CAMA: Advocate for Street Children in the Asia/Pacific Region

This country is currently facing the worst economic crisis since its independence in 1948. Shortages of food, medicines, and fuel are having their toll on society as a whole. Children represent some of the most vulnerable in low-income neighborhoods. Many parents are serving time in prison or addicted to drugs, leaving children without caretakers. The local church members are willing to take in these vulnerable children, but they need significant support. As a liaison to the church, the successful applicant(s) will help form a program that could involve after-school care and placing children in informal foster families.

aXcess: Creative Church Planting in the New Capital of Indonesia

Join a newly-formed team to reach three unreached people groups in the future home of the new capital city of Indonesia. This pioneering work will join with the Indonesian C&MA church planters, plus a creative and multi-structure team, to plant seeds of ministry and develop creative ways of outreach.

Envision: Site Associate in Japan

The successful applicant(s) will join a new Envision team to work closely with a catalytic church-planting team in Sendai and initiate new ministries and partnerships. The individual or couple will be expected to evangelize and disciple locals, as well as host and disciple short-term teams and interns. Working in this cross-cultural environment requires a missional calling, willingness to work on a team, flexibility, and an innovative mindset.