aXcess/Envision: Homeschool Teacher—Unreached People Rural Context—in Senegal

An elementary homeschool teacher is needed to serve a family with four children while the parents are in language study. Three kids will be in school: pre-K, first grade, and third grade. The church-planting team in this location is ministering to a large unreached people group through medical ministry, discipleship, and evangelism. A regional education consultant (REC) will be available as a mentor.

aXcess: Church Planter with a Vision for the Unreached in West Africa 

Ten years of relationship building and aXcess ministry in close partnership with local believers have opened unprecedented opportunities to reach a 99.9 percent unreached population with the gospel. The medical and business projects have resulted in many relationships that are in need of intentional and faithful follow-up so the gospel can be understood and embraced. You will be part of an international aXcess team of both medical and CP-profiled people. We use our medical skills to create gospel access to fuel a CP movement among this unreached people group.

aXcess: Disciple Maker—Bringing the Hope of Christ to the Least-Reached in Senegal 

Join a small team of international workers and local believers to extend gospel access to villages on the outskirts of a rapidly growing city. Several small church plants are located in the nearby city, but little-to-no gospel access ministries exist in the exterior. Come help us expand opportunities in the villages and maintain existing ministries in the city to create an inclusive, loving atmosphere to the largest unreached people group in Senegal.

aXcess: General Surgeon or Gynecologist in Mission Hospital Among the Unreached in Senegal 

This Christian hospital under local Christian leadership is crucial to the Christian witness through medical work in the country. As the only Christian hospital, it serves as a training center, reference, and inspiration to 25 other health structures. General surgery and gynecology specialties allow the hospital to serve local needs and grow towards sustainability. There are no Christians in country that are able to take on this job. By improving the level of care and training hospital staff, the impact of the hospital grows so that the gospel will reach more people.

aXcess: Gospel Access through Vocational Training in Senegal 

In our city, thousands of boys are sent by their families from all over to beg. They are majority religion students with little outside education forced into a difficult life on the street; they are the “least of these” in our context, often abused and left to fend for themselves. In outgrowing their religious studies, they enter life with little education or job skills. Join us in partnering with the local church to train young men in auto-mechanics in a functioning program, openly sharing the gospel through word and deed, and using your vocational teaching skills to make life-impacting change.

aXcess: Nurse (Master) in Mission Hospital among the Unreached in Senegal  

The overwhelming need for Christian personnel has inspired the Association of Christian Health Workers to launch a Christian nursing school. This school envisions to equip and empower the new generation of health workers to share Christ through their work—in excellence and in testimony. The Alliance has been involved in the nursing school since its early beginnings, and as the ministry grows, we want to continue to invest in the students’ lives. The close-by Christian hospital provides opportunity for clinical involvement.

aXcess: Opening Doors by Teaching Medical Staff English in Africa 

Medical staff in this country desire to learn English as a second language. This position entails forming relationships with medical staff by teaching them English. The ideal candidate will be passionate about forming relationships with medical staff, not only through teaching English, but also through practicing hospitality and engaging in cultural events. Candidates with some connection to the medical field are ideal, particularly with goals of teaching medical vocabulary and phrases common within the medical field in English.

aXcess: Opening Doors with Medical Care for Women in Africa 

This position is ideal for a nurse who has a strong interest in opening doors with home visits in a creative-access country by using their medical skills to care for women with high-risk obstetrical concerns, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. They would work alongside other team members on the ground, including an obstetrician. Responsibilities may include home visits with medical assessments, nutrition education, counseling, and follow-up postpartum care. The ideal individual will desire to form strong relationships within the community and thus build bridges for the gospel.

aXcess: Prenatal Group Care for High-Risk Women in Africa 

This individual will help provide prenatal care and education to high-risk women in a group setting. Referrals for this group will come from an obstetrician already based in-country, and it is anticipated that this individual will work closely with her. Risk factors making a woman particularly high-risk include single mothers, teen mothers, impoverished mothers, and/or complicated medical or social situations. The applicant will assist with provision of prenatal care, group education, counseling, and some care coordination/follow-up. A key part of the ministry responsibilities will be developing relationships with the women in the groups and their extended families/community.

aXcess: Business Agent and National Administrator in Senegal 

Opportunities to serve alongside local believers and develop projects that create gospel access to a 99.9 percent unreached people group have increased the administrative load on aXcess personnel in Senegal. You will be responsible for project administration, government regulations, customs, etc. This role will be combined with an administrative, and possibly coaching, position at a ministry center, a project providing business and leadership training to CEOs of small- and medium-sized businesses. You will be part of an international team of medical, business, and CP profiled people, using professional skills to create gospel access to fuel a CP movement among an unreached people group.