aXcess: Radio Impact Development Coordinator (Congo)

Established as Congo’s first independent radio station in 2001, RSM (Radio Good News) has earned its reputation for vibrant, reliable Christian programming. RSM has been praised by national authorities for its tone and interest in community development. Looking to RSM’s third decade, we are seeking an aXcess colleague with a technical background and a readiness to oversee the management of the radio and strengthen its relationship with our affiliated Alliance church in its orality-based evangelistic and discipleship emphases.

CAMA or aXcess: Assist the Local Church in Developing a Ministry for Single Mothers and At-Risk Women in the Republic of Congo

You will partner with local Alliance women’s ministries to create a holistic discipleship ministry in a safe living environment where older women can mentor younger, single widows, single mothers, and at-risk women. 

CAMA: Community Development Work Among a Receptive People Group

CAMA is looking for someone to join in community development work with an existing Alliance team to reach the Vili, a formerly resistant people group that is now more receptive to the gospel.