CAMA: Empower At-Risk Women with Sustainable Skills in a Hospitality Business—Women’s Bakery Initiative in North Africa

The exploitation of women in North Africa is an alarming issue. The applicant(s) will be working in a hospitality business aimed to combat the needs of this vulnerable population by empowering at-risk women with skills for earning a sustainable income. This business will enable local women to find: employment in a safe environment, a restored sense of dignity, vocational training, mentorship, and opportunities to pursue careers in the hospitality field. Our hope is that they will experience the gospel lived out in a trauma-sensitive space designed to hold their stories and point them toward the Truth.

aXcess/Envision: Homeschool Teacher—Unreached People Rural Context—in Senegal

An elementary homeschool teacher is needed to serve a family with four children while the parents are in language study. Three kids will be in school: pre-K, first grade, and third grade. The church-planting team in this location is ministering to a large unreached people group through medical ministry, discipleship, and evangelism. A regional education consultant (REC) will be available as a mentor.

aXcess: Community Engagement and Church Planting in North Africa 

We are looking for teammates who have a long-term commitment in mind and who resonate with our values of praying for the Kingdom in this hard-to-reach country while working hard to be equipped to do so effectively by learning the language and culture, integrating into the community, and encouraging the growth of the local church.

CAMA: Women’s Health Physician in Guinea

As part of the maternity services, this women’s health physician will work alongside the national staff. The applicant will take a key role in leading the maternity ward and other women’s health services along with the head midwife, national staff, and medical and administrative directors. The applicant will report to the medical and administrative directors.

CAMA: Wholistic Discipleship in Guinea

Nestled among the mountains of central Guinea are numbers of smaller towns and villages without gospel access. A single person or couple with a solid biblical understanding and strong evangelistic gifts will be able to reach out in larger rural areas to provide this access. Working as part of a team, they will seek to develop wholistic strategies to enable the Fulani people to thrive as individuals and as a community and cultivate communities of faith by using agriculture as a context for ministry.

CAMA: Teacher for TCKs in Guinea

Are you a teacher or someone who loves children and investing in and empowering them? Do you want to join a team passionate about reaching those with no access to the gospel? Are you interested in community development? Join the CAMA Guinea team as a teacher for CAMA staff children, kindergarten-8th grade. You will be responsible for teaching a variety of ages and grade levels, working alongside parents to meet the children’s educational needs. In a low-resource context, you will need to be creative and flexible.

aXcess: Opening Doors by Teaching Medical Staff English in Africa 

Medical staff in this country desire to learn English as a second language. This position entails forming relationships with medical staff by teaching them English. The ideal candidate will be passionate about forming relationships with medical staff, not only through teaching English, but also through practicing hospitality and engaging in cultural events. Candidates with some connection to the medical field are ideal, particularly with goals of teaching medical vocabulary and phrases common within the medical field in English.

CAMA: Rehabilitation Therapist for Hope Medical Center in Guinea

We are looking for physical and or occupational therapists to build up our rehabilitation services at the Hope Medical Center in the forest of Guinea. You will be part of a multicultural team and will work alongside and increase the capacity of our local nurses to provide physical rehabilitation. Doing so will play a key role in leveraging surgical and maternity services to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

aXcess: Opening Doors with Medical Care for Women in Africa 

This position is ideal for a nurse who has a strong interest in opening doors with home visits in a creative-access country by using their medical skills to care for women with high-risk obstetrical concerns, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. They would work alongside other team members on the ground, including an obstetrician. Responsibilities may include home visits with medical assessments, nutrition education, counseling, and follow-up postpartum care. The ideal individual will desire to form strong relationships within the community and thus build bridges for the gospel.

CAMA: Holistic Agropastoral Development and Discipleship in Guinea 

Come and join a new work that is seeking to bring lost people out from under the yoke of physical and spiritual poverty. The successful applicant(s) will be part of a team living in the Savanah region of Guinea with a goal of restoring local people to a right relationship with God and His creation using agriculture. They will share the message of hope by working in local villages through developing an experimental farm. They will also help to find adaptable solutions to problems that local farmers face.