aXcess: Pastor in Africa

Join an international team of clergy ministering in a creative-access location. The church in this region has a long and rich history and is looking to expand. The church consists primarily of French-speaking sub-Saharan Africans with a few locals. We need your help to disciple young believers, develop leaders, and reach out to the communities around us. You will be partnering with a government-recognized church in the country, with the possibility of receiving a clerical visa through them.

CAMA: Reaching the Next Generation of Senegalese Women

Join a CAMA team addressing the injustice and inequality in the lives of vulnerable teen girls in Senegal. The successful applicant(s) will partner with a counseling and skills training center in Thies, Senegal, that provides vocational training for non-schooled girls from low-income families. As the only evangelical girls’ vocational school in Thies, the second largest city in Senegal, the center is uniquely positioned to demonstrate Christ-centered compassion to their students.

aXcess: English Teacher (ESL) in Africa

Be part of an innovative team that provides gospel access to unengaged communities. You will be responsible for building relationships in our community, and your value as an English teacher will earn you a meaningful presence.

CAMA: Plant Seeds of Hope through Agriculture in Senegal

Come and join a work that is seeking to bring lost people out from under the yoke of physical and spiritual poverty. The successful applicant(s) will be a part of helping restore local people to a right relationship with God and with His creation using agriculture. They will share the message of hope by working in local villages and alongside a local development farm. They will also be helping to find adaptable solutions to problems that local farmers face. Come with an eagerness to engage and a humble heart to learn.

aXcess: Church Planting Among the Urban Poor in Senegal

Join a team from CAMA to further their reach and impact in the slum communities they serve in Dakar, Senegal. Through your actions, attitude, and words, you will help the urban poor understand that they are people of value and worthy of dignity. That there is a God who sees and cares about the injustice they suffer and the poverty they feel helpless to change. Ministry focus includes discipleship, education, health, poverty alleviation, and asset-based community development initiatives. Watch this video to learn more.

aXcess: Giving Gospel Access in a Larger Rural Setting in Guinea

Nestled among the mountains of central Guinea are numbers of smaller towns and villages without gospel access. A couple with a solid biblical understanding and strong evangelistic gifts will be able to reach out in larger rural areas to provide this access. Working as part of a team, they will seek to use their unique gifts and abilities to build relationships, lead people to faith in Christ, disciple believers to maturity, and cultivate communities of faith.

aXcess: Business Manager in Africa

Be part of an innovative team that brings gospel access to unengaged communities. You will be responsible for managing a business that provides office space to entrepreneurs, freelancers, students, and distance workers.

aXcess: Business Owner—Bringing Light to a Creative-Access Country in Africa

The applicant will shine the light of the gospel into the darkness of our closed-access community both during their work (using their business/industry to build relationships with locals and share with them) and outside of it. Our hope would be that they are able to build (or join in) a business that could eventually employ local people, providing very necessary employment opportunities and skills training (although we are open to other business/industry models).

aXcess: Medical Doctor or Midwife for Christian Hospital—Quality Holistic Care and Discipleship in Senegal

This rural health center under local Christian leadership is crucial in the Christian witness among an unreached nomadic people group in Senegal. Ten years of relationship-building and aXcess ministry in close partnership with local believers have opened unprecedented opportunities to reach a 99.9% unreached population with the gospel. A prayer center is being developed for new believers/seekers as a result of the medical work. Medical workers are needed to serve the local medical staff in quality improvement, training in holistic care, and discipleship. The current medical focus is on emergency care, obstetrics, and community health care.

aXcess: Medical Doctor to Provide Compassionate Health Care, Training, and Discipleship in Gabon

Bongolo hospital is a 150-bed, teaching hospital in a remote part of central Africa. Physicians are needed to help train African health-care workers (nurses, interns, and residents) in both health care and evangelism in the context of clinical care.