aXcess: Business Owner, Bringing Light to a Creative Access Country (Africa)

The applicant will shine the light of the gospel into the darkness of our closed-access community through evangelism and discipleship, both during their work, using their business to build relationships with locals and share with them, and outside of it.
Our hope for their business would be to eventually employ local people, providing very necessary employment opportunities and skills training.

aXcess: Teaching English for Eternal Outcomes! (Africa)

Teach English to students and young professionals excited to learn English. Develop relationships with students inside and outside of class. Lead programs targeted toward outreach and discipleship with the students, such as special English events, Bible studies & classes designed to share Christ. Seek opportunities to serve in the local community and local church.

aXcess: Medical Doctor or Midwife for Christian Hospital: Quality Holistic Care and Discipleship (Senegal)

This rural health center under local Christian leadership is crucial in the Christian witness among a largely unreached nomadic people group in Senegal. Situated near the largest cattle market of the region, patients come from far distances. A prayer center is being developed for new believers/seekers as a result of the medical work. Medical workers are needed to serve the local medical staff in quality improvement, training in holistic care, and discipleship. The current medical focus is on emergency care, obstetrics, and community health care.

aXcess: Physician (Gabon)

Bongolo hospital is a 150-bed, teaching hospital in a remote part of central Africa. Physicians are needed to help train African healthcare workers (nurses, interns, and residents) in both healthcare and evangelism in the context of clinical care.

aXcess: Light to the Growing Number of Young Entrepreneurs (Africa)

In a country where the economy is fragile, there has been a major surge in entrepreneurship amongst the young adult population. We are seeking a couple or single who desires to impact peoples’ lives and the community through operating a business and forming relationships through the work they do. You will be managing your business out of a coworking space in the country’s largest city. While you will be on a team, you may be solely responsible for the functioning of the business.

aXcess: Nursing Professor (Gabon)

Bongolo Hospital includes a nursing school with the goal of teaching, training, and discipling African Christian nurses in an African context, to stay in Africa. The new nursing instructor would be working alongside current teammates to run the nursing training program and to mentor the current nursing staff at the hospital. This is a three-year program, requiring a minimum commitment of three years for continuity in the school.

aXcess: Plant Faith Communities on the Edge of the Sahara Desert (Senegal)

Do you want to build relationships with the lost, share the Good News with them, and gather those who respond positively into communities of faith-followers among unreached peoples in a major developing cosmopolitan area? Whether you prefer taking risks, initiating new ministries, or joining an existing ministry, our team could use your help working collaboratively with teammates and local leaders!

aXcess: Advancing Gospel Access Through Partnership! (Africa)

Our team is looking for a clergy co-worker to partner with the local church as it reaches out to outlying areas with few or no known believers. You will also seek ways to connect with local people in relationships that lead to disciple-making such as, but not limited to, activities at our English center or community involvement. You would help to facilitate conversations at the district and national church levels to earmark & encourage local believers with evangelistic hearts that would be given the opportunity to learn English, with the understanding that they would continue to take classes and be a part of the center’s classes that are focused on sharing Christ.

aXcess: Equip Church Planters to Reach West Africa’s Most Influential People Group (Senegal)

Our multinational team partners with existing believers from a large unreached people group who were largely responsible for the spread of the majority religion throughout the region. These believers have a desire to see a church planting movement take place among their people. From a major urban center, we support an emerging regional network of believers and often travel to encourage and build relationships among believers and help with training in more remote locations.
We run a large recording studio with audio-visual production department in our city. Workers with gifting in media production, music, photography and the like can join in these ministries as part of training events. Through this outreach, we are involved in discipleship and CP.

aXcess: Teach English/Build Relationships/Make Disciples (Guinea)

This multi-ethnic center provides a safe place for young adults to find community, be vulnerable about life concerns, and explore the truth of Scripture. Join us in building relationships with those of the majority religion to offer hope through Scripture study, discipleship, modeling Kingdom life, and inviting them into the Kingdom to plant the church among the least reached.

Come work in a tight-knit team to foster community and develop young adults through center ministries like teaching English, mentoring, and training future leaders. The center provides a safe place for young adults to find community, be vulnerable about life concerns, and explore the truth of Scripture. Join us in building relationships with those of the majority religion to offer hope through Scripture study, discipleship, modeling Kingdom life, inviting them into the Kingdom, and planting the church among the least-reached.