September 27, 2022

Hope for Married Couples After COVID

Alliance workers empower couples in the fight to save their marriages and to help others who are struggling.

by Bob and Cheryl Fugate, aXcess workers serving with The Alliance in Mexico

Post-COVID couples are in need of help. In Guadalajara, where we serve at Breath of Life church, divorce and separation are on the rise, and families must have tools to manage the difficulties of life after COVID. To that end, our Marriage Encounter small groups met in March through July 2022; in August we invited everyone to a dinner, encouraging them to invite new couples and begin engaging them in the next Encounter in March 2023.

This was a discipleship event to support these couples in their fight to save their marriages and engage them in service to others experiencing the same problems. This year we had the highest follow-up rate of couples after a Marriage Encounter—we think much of that is due to the problems related to the pandemic. For the first time in our Breath of Life ministry, a couple from the March Marriage Encounter took their faith to a new phase and were baptized in July!

Breath of Life is the church-planting arm of Project SouthPointe, which has a strategic vision to plant five churches in the Circle of Silence by 2025. This is an area comprised of six states with 20 million people, less than 3 percent of whom are evangelical. Today, Breath of Life has three campus sites, one of which will launch October 2. Praise God that He is moving here in the darkness, and the Light is shining in Guadalajara!

Photo courtesy of Julie Stutler