March 24, 2024

Holy Week: He Comes as King

A devotional for Palm Sunday

by Rachel O.


Psalm 93; Matthew 21:1–11

He Comes as King

He comes as King.
Some see Him as a roadblock.
They have goals to reach,
so, they press on past the masses.

He comes as King.
Some cry out, “Save us!”
and rejoice in hopes fulfilled.
Finally, their dreams have come true.

He comes as King.
Some await Him like a headache.
He upturns tables and peace,
disrupting the order and status quo.

When He comes on Palm Sunday,
do we take the time to notice?
Do we hold on to Him for power?
Do we get angry at His disruption?

Or do we push Him ahead to the Cross?

Because we don’t want a King.
We just want a ticket to heaven.

We only want salvation.
Not submission.

Can we dwell in the Triumphal Entry a little longer?
Maybe long enough that we recognize
that we don’t vote in an election.
We don’t have a delegate or a representative.
We have a King.
Humble and gentle, yes.
But still a King.

Prayer Prompt

Read Revelation 1:5–8 and reflect on what it means for Jesus to be King.

Ask Christ to reveal the ways you have enthroned your own passions and priorities instead of submitting to Him as Lord. Spend a moment worshiping Jesus as King—yesterday, today, and forever.

Jesus, forgive me for being eager to benefit from Your free salvation and abundant life but reluctant to submit to Your lordship. Create in me the humility to daily receive You as King. Gently teach me to love You as King in my life, and may I be a faithful servant in Your Kingdom. Amen.