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Launch Emerging Leaders in Hard Places

Project Name: Simpson Bible School Upgrades Indonesia


Location: Indonesia


Because of geographical, linguistic, and religious barriers, many Indonesians are deeply divided from their countrymen. These divisions manifest themselves in many ways: land disputes, workplace discrimination, and sometimes violence.

In a divided country with over 200 unreached people groups, The Alliance’s work to advance the gospel is fueled by donors who provide emerging church leaders with books, facilities, and other training resources at 12 small theological schools. One of these institutions—Simpson Bible School—is introducing an academic program to launch cross-cultural ministry among Indonesians struggling for hope, purpose, and inner peace they can never find outside God’s Word. However, this pioneering work is not possible without upgraded teaching materials, facilities, and learning experiences.

Imagine how encouraged you will feel knowing that because you placed a textbook in his hands, a seminary student is studying to steer an unreached village toward Jesus. Give to this project to launch emerging leaders into the hard places within their homeland.



one library book



one student’s seminar fees




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Launch emerging leaders into the hard places within their homeland.

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