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Renovate a Community with Gospel Presence

Project Name: Prishtina Community Center


Location: Southeastern Europe


With one of the world’s highest unemployment rates, this Balkan country is a hard place for most young people to build a career. Yet, their opportunities to meet someone who follows Jesus are even more limited than their job prospects. Evangelicals make up less than 1 percent of the population, and members of the majority religion are often wary of entering a church or participating in church-sponsored activities.

By renovating a new community center in the capital of this Balkan country, you will establish a welcoming place for people of all ages and backgrounds to learn job skills, gather with friends over coffee, and experience God’s generosity, compassion, and hospitality.

This project builds on work at an older community center in the same city. The popularity of their programs and outreach events at this facility have compelled Alliance international workers to acquire a larger building to broaden the gospel impact of their work.

Through your giving, you will create new opportunities for the Holy Spirit to intersect with and renovate lives!



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Establish a welcoming place for people to experience God’s generosity, compassion, and hospitality.

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