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Grow the National Pastor Base

Project Name: National Pastor Training Scholarships


Location: Global


National churches throughout the world are in desperate need of pastors and leaders formally trained to teach the Word of God in their native context—to lead indigenous peoples to Jesus and train more pastors to plant churches and spread gospel presence where it does not exist.

As one Alliance international worker says, “We believe the national church is God’s tool for bringing hope to our country.”

You can extend this hope by providing scholarships for pastors to receive a theological education—through accredited higher education institutions in their countries—that equips them to effectively lead their local churches and prepare other pastors for the work of Christ. Your gift now will raise up theologically trained pastors and teachers and will lead to hundreds of newly planted churches in hard places throughout the world.

Secure the future of national church leadership and growth by giving to educate those God is calling to lead.



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Secure the future of national church leadership and growth.

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