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Open Gospel Access to a Nomadic Population

Project Name: Fula Training Center Senegal


Location: Senegal


While Christians are tolerated in this remote area of West Africa, they are vastly outnumbered and often received with suspicion, indifference, or hostility. For this reason, many believers keep a low profile, holding worship gatherings in crowded rooms with unadorned walls and hard floors padded with hand-woven mats.

You have an opportunity to establish a ministry center among rural Senegalese families—many of them nomadic cattle herders with little or no gospel access. At the ministry center, local believers and other emerging church leaders will lead training events, gather for prayer and worship, and offer refuge to believers fleeing persecution.

For over 15 years, generous Alliance donors have provided these nomadic families with access to exceptional medical care. This vital work—started by a local believer—is the only gospel lifeline for some of the least-reached peoples in this dry savanna.

Alliance workers estimate that through the ministry center you will allow 100 people each year to study God’s Word and experience His love—some for the very first time.



10 bricks



one bed




one water tower


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