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Strengthen National Church Leadership

Project Name: Alliance World Fellowship (AWF) Empowerment


Location: Global


All of Jesus for All the World takes everyone in the Alliance family—including the global network of national churches and organizations known as the Alliance World Fellowship (AWF).

With established networks in some of the world’s hardest places, AWF is present in 50 countries with 23,000 churches, over 3,000 ordained pastors, 32,000 national workers, and 1,700 missionaries—as well as partnerships within 30 additional countries. Given such expansive work, AWF leaders are often called to missions meetings and service opportunities all over the world. Their roles carry significant travel and ministry expense.

Your gift to this project will ensure that AWF leaders and churches can continue their vital work in church planting, vision casting, and uniting and inspiring The Alliance’s global missions work.

Healthy and growing national churches take the gospel into places others cannot go. AWF leaders and churches need you so they can go where they are needed and initiate ministries and projects among the world’s least-reached peoples.

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one church-planting grant for building supplies




one leader’s travel to a regional meeting


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Ensure that Alliance World Fellowship leaders and churches can continue their vital work in fulfilling the Great Commission.

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