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Former president L.L. King called The Alliance “a maverick movement into whose soul the Head of the Church breathed ‘Go!’ from the very start.” Over the last year, new opportunities have emerged to establish a gospel presence where no presence yet exists. These opportunities can be seized only as more people receive and accept the call to GO!

Nearly 40 new worker appointees have answered that call over the past year; but their journeys remain unfinished. Goers need senders! This Great Commission Day, will we move these new workers forward in their unfinished “GO” journeys? Will we do our part to make sure they are sent, supported, and equipped to proclaim Jesus in the last remaining “hard places?”

You are needed!

NEW FOR 2021! GC Day Offering at Council Missions Rally! Give in person or online at Council 2021, as we celebrate together those being commissioned to GO!

The Time is Now — Watch how God moved in miraculous ways to make a way for the Yangs, one of the families being commissioned to GO at Council 2021 in Nashville.


We are excited to be able to provide all the tools you need to conduct a “great” Great Commission Day Offering in your church. Whether your congregation is meeting in person or online—or a combination of both—the following resources will help you get them excited about how they can send a new batch of committed Alliance workers to the remaining unreached corners of the world.

This year’s GC Day Resource Kit includes:

  • Printable GC Day bulletin inserts
  • A Quick-Start Guide
  • A Leader’s Guide
  • Links to download video segments, customizable graphics, and other GC Day resources

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