CAMA Services Aiding Cuban Relief Efforts

CAMA Services partnered with other organizations to support, send relief, and show Christ’s love to those in Cuba.

The Importance of Being Present

Alliance international workers explain what it means for them to be present with the people they serve

A Prayer for Those Struggling to Pray

A poem by Sarah Bourns Crosby

Not Done Yet

A conversation with Alliance church planters

CAMA’s Ukraine Update and Stories

Stories of difference-makers like you are being shared by CAMA.

Sharing Jesus in the Twin Cities

A tutoring session opens doors for the gospel

A Note from an IW on Facing Discouragement

An IW reflects on what he has learned from the Lord during a season of discouragement.

Ashes for Pandemic Grief

A reflection on grief during Lent

Fire Rages Again in West African Camp

During a camp fire that destroyed over 160 homes, God was present and continues to provide.

Inspiration for Lent—A Call to Follow Him

“Lent reminds us that following Jesus includes not only joy, but the sacramental life.”