October 31, 2023

Alliance Chaplain Brings Hope to Hard Places

Female VA chaplain provides critical support to veterans in their hour of need.

by Julie Daube

Alliance Chaplain Paige Morris, who serves with the Veterans Administration (VA) in Hawaii, is shining the light of Jesus to veterans living through some tough times. With support from a generous grant provided by the Church Ministries Maui Relief Fund, Paige is distributing warm blankets to veterans staying in rehab, long-term, or hospice-care facilities. According to Kevin Pies, executive director for Alliance Chaplains Ministries, Paige is meeting a practical need that is bringing comfort and solace to veterans who would otherwise suffer from the cold during their medical stays. “While supplies like blankets are directed elsewhere in the aftermath of the Maui fire, this heartwarming, compassionate initiative is providing the human connection and emotional support that many veterans long for,” says Kevin.

Whole-person spiritual care like the kind Paige provides to those in her charge brings healing, lifts their spirits, and affirms each veteran’s worth and dignity during difficult recovery times and end-of-life care. “Chaplain Paige stands out as a beacon of hope as she walks alongside these troubled veterans, breaking down the walls of fear and anger they have built around themselves,” Kevin says. “In doing so, she has witnessed the remarkable transformation of once-hardened hearts as they soften and become increasingly more receptive to Christ’s boundless love and compassion.”

Chaplain Paige’s commitment to her veterans’ well-being extends beyond geographical boundaries, and her service showcases the profound impact of the VA’s dedication to our veterans’ welfare. In addition to serving those in the Hawaiian Islands, her pastoral responsibilities extend to veterans in Guam, American Samoa, and Saipan. This is in addition to her primary duties at the Spark M. Matsunaga Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center located adjacent to the Tripler Army Medical Center in Oahu.

Kevin adds, “With her disarming presence, this woman of God has the unique ability to bring Christ’s healing balm to our veterans’ deepest wounds, allowing the light of the gospel to reach even the most battle-weary hearts with the forgiveness, mercy, and grace of our Lord.”

For more information, contact the Alliance Chaplain Ministries Office at [email protected].

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