May 5, 2022

A Prayer for Those Struggling to Pray

A poem by Sarah Bourns Crosby

For those struggling to pray . . .

May God meet you anyway.
When you have no words to say
Would you let your body pray through you today?

Wordless prayers of movement, taste, and touch
Of stillness, sight, and sound
Of hands raised up
Of knees bowed down

Wordless prayers of lighting a candle
Humming a song
Watering the plants
Walking the dog

Savoring your coffee
Shivering in the breeze
Stirring potato soup
Crunching fallen leaves

 Breathing in His mercy
Tasting His sweetness
Listening for His goodness
Touching His kindness

When all your words fail 
May you remember 
That praying 
Is much more than speaking

It is being
With the One 
Who loves
To be 
With you



Paint your prayers
Play your prayers
Dance your prayers
Draw your prayers

Bake your prayers
Breathe your prayers
Run your prayers
Hug your prayers

Laugh your prayers
Cry your prayers

And allow your hands and feet
And fingers and nose
And arms and eyes
And shoulders, knees and toes
To carry your prayers
To the foot of the throne
To the One who needs no words

Because He already knows.

More of Sarah’s works can be found at or on Instagram @sarahbournscrosby.

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