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Congo Current Monthly Newsletter of Dave & Teresa BILL serving with the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo
Currently Thankful
August-September 2021


We are thankful for God’s grace toward us, especially Teresa, as we continue fulfilling medical mandates necessary before returning to Congo.
Teresa had her second surgery in just 6 months and came through it well.
Dave had two minor procedures and is continuing to heal after long re-habilitation from shoulder surgery. Thank you for your prayers for us.

We are also thankful for God’s grace toward Dave’s sister Sue, who is recovering well after her cancer, and will finish her final treatment end of August. Thank you for your prayers for her.

We are thankful that Dave’s mom Marge who has gained weight and has been surprisingly resilient until recent. Thank you all for your prayers for her.

Mason, Melanie, Marge, Jeremy Keegan & Skylar at Gramma’s House

We are thankful that our son Jeremy and family were able to spend a week of their one month vacation with us before returning to their ministries at Black Forest Academy in Germany. Thank you for your prayers for them.
We are thankful that our family has not yet contracted COVID-19, with the exception of our son Eric in Senegal, who survived it easily, thanks be to God.
Please pray for wisdom as we continue preparing for our return to Congo.

We are very thankful to the Sarasota Alliance church where we attend and for the opportunities to work with the Youth Group, Alliance Men and share in the Worship Services highlighting ministries in Congo.

We are thankful for thirty-eight (38) years of marriage as we celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary August 20th.
We met at Dave’s ordination in Indiana, Pennsylvania September 1982.

Wedding Photo August 20, 1983, 38 years of marriage, August 20, 2021

We were thankful for the opportunity to minister to many former colleagues and members of the Deland Retirement Center Tuesday, August 24th.
On route we visited Steve & Debbie Clouser, Roland & Ruth Bowman, & Corrine Gardner former colleagues in Gabon, as well as Betty Keifer & former Africa director Fred Polding.

Steve & Debbie / Teresa & Dave Corrine, Teresa, Dave, Roland & Ruth

Teresa & Betty Dave & Fred Polding

Before August ended, we visited another colleague, Karen Fitch who worked at the Bongolo Hospital in Gabon, and who is now, like Dave, caring for her mom in Cape Coral. Also, before visiting Karen, we visited Teresa’s sister-in-law Ann Stewart and her husband Mark and son Joshua who also live in Cape Coral near Karen.

Karen Fitch, Teresa & Dave Teresa, Josh, Ann & Mark Stewart

Here we are half-way through writing this newsletter, and we found out that August 9-13 is Thank you week for Alliance missions. Your generosity has made an eternal difference in the lives of many. So, thank you again for supporting us in the work in Congo.
We are thankful for our new Congo project called, HAGAR HOUSE, a needed ministry center for widows and orphans. We have two candidates already that work with the mission in orality & health teaching and translation & secretary for the Christian Education Center respectively. Chancelvie & her three girls and Almeria and her baby. (Both women lost their husbands due to illness). Please pray for a house and funding to get this project started in earnest.
We are thankful for our sons & their families working with the Alliance as church planters & dorm parents in Senegal & Germany respectively. Please follow them on the following communiques:

For Jeremy & Melanie’s communique:

For Eric & Vicki’s latest:
Password: 3rdwave
download link: https://vimeo.com/user51807338/download/594917181/4ec2ad70ae
online link: https://vimeo.com/594917181

We are thankful for the changes made in our financial support which makes it easier to give. Thank you for praying and supporting us, sending us & allowing us to partner with you in helping to bring His word to the peoples of Congo.
To use this easier to give method, simply go to MyC&MA.org online, click give in the upper right-hand corner. Click then, support a worker you love and kindly fill in the particulars.


Please pray for Teresa as she begins her second mission tour to churches in the Western Pennsylvania District September 5th -November 1st.

Cambridge Springs September 12th
Murrysville September 19th
Clearfield September 25th -27th
DISTRCT CONFERENCE September 28th-30th
Coal Run October 3rd
Dorseyville October 6th
Somerset Christian Academy October 7th
Ligonier October 9th -10th
Elizabeth / McKeesport October 17th
Franklin October 24th
Ebensburg October 30th -31st

Please pray for Dave as he remains in Venice, FL to minister to his mom, to lead Bible studies and to help as he can in the Sarasota Alliance church.

Please pray for Dave’s sister Sue’s full recovery from her cancer.

Please pray for our daughter Chandra as she awaits a C-section to deliver her baby boy sometime in October.

Thank you for your prayers as we continue preparations to return to Congo early November.

Photo of the month:

Youbi Village Orality Center with added water collection system

Dave & Teresa BILL
C&MA International Workers to the Republic of the Congo
Thank you for supporting us in prayer & funding toward our ministries in Congo.
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P.S. You’ll see there our sons’ names who are also missionaries with the Alliance in Germany & Senegal respectively. You may want to consider them for help now or in the future as we retire.

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Bill Family Biography

David Walter Bill (10/18/1954)
Teresa Lee (Graves) Bill (06/10/1955)

Jeremy James (11/21/1986)
Eric David (10/4/1989)
Chandra Graves (3/9/1993)


Testimonies and backgrounds:

David Walter BILL was the first born to Walter and Marjorie (nee Irvine) BILL October 18th, 1954.
He grew up in the McKeesport area of Pennsylvania.

His mother was saved first.
Dave prayed to receive Christ into his heart during a boy's Sunday school class, was baptized at age 12, but later realized he had never really repented of his sins and was not born again.
During this time his father repented and received Christ.
After great conviction for over a year, Dave repented and received Christ in April 1970 and was re-baptized.
His sister & brother received Christ shortly afterwards.

The Lord immediately began to lead him in preparation for his life's ministries.
After several years of spiritual growth in church, Christian Service Brigade and summer forestry camps during high school and college at Penn State (McKeesport Campus), where he studied Environmental Resources Management, Dave began to hear God's call to eventually become a missionary.
"It's one thing to save the environment, but since God has given man domination over the creation, if the inner environment-man's heart is not changed, neither will any environment outside of his heart".

After the influence of missionary conferences at church, Dave transferred to Nyack College to prepare for missionary service.

While at Nyack, he was led to go to Gabon, Africa as a summer missionary in 1975.

After graduating from Nyack in 1978 with a bachelor's degree in Social Science, he attended ASTM, then served as a youth pastor in Mendham, NJ, while finishing his Master's Degree at ATS in 1980.

Until 1985, Dave served as the assistant pastor in charge of outreach in McKeesport, was ordained in September 1982, where he also met Teresa, then was married August 20th, 1983.
Dave spent 2 more years, this time with Teresa, in McKeesport, before being sent to France and Gabon, Africa to begin their missionary career.

Dave has used his preparations in outdoor education all his life in ministries to help reach those not reached in some of the more remote areas of Gabon.

Dave's parents were active in the Murrysville Alliance church and actively support missions in the Alliance. They have been once to France and thrice to Gabon for visits.

Teresa is the oldest of five children, born June 10th, 1955 to Richard and Athelen (nee Cooke) GRAVES in Stow, Ohio. Her parents divorced while Teresa was young.

Because of an invitation to church, Sunday school and VBS by a neighbor, who faithfully brought her weekly, Teresa was saved.

Later during her high school years while attending the Stow Alliance Fellowship, she rededicated her life to the Lord and her desire to serve the Lord in ministry increased.

After listening to a missionary at a conference, she responded to a call to service and went to Toccoa Falls College to begin training.

Teresa ministered with Alliance Youth Corps to the Cree Indians in Alberta, Canada during the summer of 1976.

Although Toccoa Falls College was devastated by a flood during her senior year, this didn't interfere with Teresa graduating in 1978 with a Bachelor's degree in Missions.

Teresa then worked part-time at an Alliance church in Baytown, TX while also working part-time in Houston.

She completed graduate school requirements at ATS in 1982 then ministered at the Crestmont Alliance church in Aliquippa, PA.

Dave & Teresa met at his ordination in 1982.
They were married in 1983, continuing to work at the McKeesport Alliance church till 1985 when they went to Albertville, France for language study.

They arrived in Port Gentil, Gabon, Africa October 2nd, 1986. One month later their first child, Jeremy was born.

The BILL family has served in Gabon Africa from 1986-2005. From 2006 - present, they serve in the Republic of Congo, most recently in Orality ministries.

Jeremy is married to Melanie (nee) Miner, and MK who grew up in the far east and whose parents until recently were C&MA missionaries in Bosnia. They are both graduates from TFC. They have two boys and one girl: Mason James (4/24/12) and Keegan Shane (4/16/13) both born within the same year and Skylar Raine (8/4/17). Jeremy and family were dorm parents at the Morrison Academy in Taichung, Taiwan from August 2018 to June of 2020. They are now serving as Alliance Dorm parents at the Black Forest Academy in Kandern, Germany. Jeremybill86@gmail.com

Eric is married to Vicki Chapman from the Warren, PA Alliance church. Both are graduates from TFC. Vicki is a nurse. Eric & Vicki are now serving in Senegal as International workers with the Alliance. Keilah Mae is their firstborn (4/12/17) and Shiloh Kate is the newest addition to their family born this home assignment (1/14/2020). They are back in Senegal serving in St. Louis. Ericvickibill@gmail.com

Chandra, after graduating from Dakar Academy, took a year off to work while living with her parents during their home assignment in Murrysville, PA.
After attending TFC for one year, boarding at Paradise Mountain Ministries, while her parents serve in Congo, Chandra is married to Chris Thoemke (4/7/18) and are both working in Toccoa. They live in our home in Eastanollee, GA while we are in Congo. They have one daughter, Penny (3/15/2019) and are expecting a boy in October 2021 to be named John Walter (Thoemke) after his great grandfathers.

Dave & Teresa have spent over a decade church planting in the Congo Republic. They have built a church ministry center in the President's town of Oyo in central Congo and helped leave two ordained national pastors in the towns of Oyo and Ollombo.

Our final term before retirement from September 2018 - May 2021 was to be spent in Pointe Noire working in Orality with the Congo South Team. Their term has been changed due to Dave returning to visit his aging mom who has cancer and pulmonary fibrosis. During Dave's visit, his sister Sue who was caring for their mom, was diagnosed with aggressive cancer, making Dave the caregiver till her treatments are over. Teresa joined Dave in October 2020 to do home service and return to Congo in November, Lord willing, to finish their term in Congo till January of 2023, when they officially retire.

Dave is the village liaison between the mission and the national village orality team. He is also the team coach.
Dave is the physical plants' director for our city ministry center, the village orality center and our residences.
Dave and Teresa are overseers for short-term teams and interns.
They are both Congo Alliance core team members and participate in language study and orality.
Teresa also trains health & Hygiene workers and Childrens' Sunday school teachers.

Please email us at: congobiltd@gmail.com or Teresabill55@gmail.com to request our monthly newsletter entitled: Congo Current



Updated: August 30, 2021

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