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Exciting Events

¡God is at work in Guadalajara! We never get tired of saying that. We love sharing with you what God is doing through your prayers and giving.

In our last letter we shared with you about the robbery at the Aliento de Vida Bosques (Breathe of Life Woodlands) Campus. In spite of the significant material losses, God is working in wonderful ways. He is abundantly providing for all the needs. We are so grateful for all the gifts and donations that have been coming into the SouthPointe Project. The team is in the process of replacing the lost equipment and other things that were stolen. Our local believers are also working hard helping to get things purchased, secured and back in order so that the church can function well again. Thank you so very much for your participation through prayer and giving!

God is at work and even a robbery will not stop His work. There are some exciting things happening in Aliento de Vida (Breathe of Life) Church. We invite you to join us through your prayers this week for these special events. Rich and Elisa Brown, Alliance International Workers and directors of Inca Link, are visiting Guadalajara and will be giving various seminars and conferences in the Aliento de Vida (Breathe of Life) Church. These will include a Youth Conference and Outreach (this afternoon, May 1), a Missions Emphasis message on Sunday morning, a Dinner Outreach for Couples at the Woodlands campus (next Friday), a Seminar for Parents (next Saturday), and a special Mother’s Day joint service at the Woodlands Campus next Sunday.

On Tuesday evening, May 4, we will also be having a small activity to begin getting to know our neighbors and to serve the community where we live. Rich and Elisa will be sharing practical principles and ideas about communication and connections in the family.

Thank you for accompanying the SouthPointe team through your prayers and giving. We so appreciate you all. You all are such an important part of the team.

Together Called to Take All of Jesus to All of the World,

Zac and Julie Stutler

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Zac +52 33 3408 1014
Julie +52 33 3722 4824
Ooma Phone (Computer based US number) 859-488-1803

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Prayer Requests - Zac and Julie Stutler

Specific Time Sensitive Requests
We praise the Lord…
...for the great start for this semester in the Bible Academy with over 50 youth and adults attending
...for the 5 people who prayed to receive Christ in the Aliento de Vida (Breath of Life) Church Bible Academy.

Please pray …
...that God would open many doors for us to be a blessing and serve the people in our community.
... that God would open doors for us to make friendships and build relationships with people in this community where we are living and hope to start the 4th campus.
... Pray that we will be able to develop good friendships with our neighbors. We have met a few people recently and are asking the Lord to help us meet many others and begin to develop deep friendships.
... Pray for a lady we met a couple of months ago in the area we are now living. She was very open to friendship and open to spiritual things. She no longer works at the shop where Julie met her, and Julie has not been able to communicate. Please pray that the Lord would bring us back into contact with her. Pray that Julie will be able to continue to visit with her and to share Christ’s love with her.
... Pray for a friend whom we have invited to church who has expressed a real interest. Pray that he will soon attend church with his family and that they also will find Jesus as Savior and Lord.
... that God would direct us very clearly as we develop the strategy and plan for outreach in this area of the city that is being targeted for the 4th campus the Aliento de Vida (Breath of Life) church. (Scheduled to start in early 2022.)
... Pray that God would clearly lead and guide as we begin forming a team of Mexican leaders to help with this outreach.
... Pray that God would provide financially for this project.
... that God would give us wisdom and clearly lead us as we begin thinking about a possible first contact building event in the coming weeks in our community.
For the South Point Project – Vision 5-5-25 - Aliento de Vida (Breath of Life) multisite church
...for the Aliento de Vida (Breath of Life) Bible Academy
... for the 5 people who recently prayed to receive Christ in the Bible Academy that they would grow in their walk with Jesus.
... that God would bring many more to new life in Christ through the seekers class.
... that those in the Basic Discipleship class will grow deep in their life in Christ.
... for the construction of the “Aliento de Vida Bosques” (Breath of Life Woodlands) campus church and that God would provide for this important project.
... that the Lord would clearly lead the team to a place to rent for the third campus which scheduled to launch in another area of the city in the coming weeks.
General Requests.
Please pray…
... that God would continue to help us have a learner’s heart and to quickly adapt to the new culture and city.
... that God would help us to quickly build relationships within the church and be a blessing to the believers here.
... for God’s hand of protection and health on the missionaries, local leaders and their families and the church people.
...for God´s blessing and protection on our families in the US and that we would be able to continue ... to have wonderful opportunities to communicate with them.



Updated: May 01, 2021

Children's Names
Field Assignment
Country of Service
Paseo Solares 1632 Coto Acanthia #67
Residencial Solares
Zapopan, Jalisco, 45019

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