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We found a Home!


We Found our New Home!

We had braced ourselves for a long and drawn out process for finding an apartment in the Toulouse area. Apartment in French cities are not plentiful and there are many “fiery” hoops to jump through to find an apartment in France. As foreign workers our paperwork doesn’t aways tick all the boxes for the French apartment owners. The owners would often much rather rent to a French person or someone with a contract with a French company than a foreign worker working for a foreign company. (this has to do with an insurance the homeowner can take to cover unpaid rent fees and not because they don’t like foreigners). Raeni and I headed down to France last Tuesday with ten apartments on the calendar to visit. I had been down on Friday the 12th of January to visit four other apartments, none of which, after visiting, fit the parameters we were trying to fit. So after countless emails, Facebook messages and Le Bon Coin (French version of Craig’s list), Raeni and I managed to line up the ten visits for this past week.

My basic strategy was to check each site three times a day and contact any listing that might possibly, just maybe, on the off chance, fit the criteria that we were looking for, email each new listing and wait for them to respond. With maybe a fifty percent response, I would then ask to set up an appointment, which was often then responded to with various reason that a visit of the apartment wouldn’t be possible or that I didn’t have the right paper work. So I imagine we emailed about one hundred apartments or houses.

So with ten apartments on the schedule for the week, Raeni and I booked train tickets to Toulouse and started our visits. The first apartment wasn’t what we wanted and the second was the one. Two of ten! We were hooked, we liked the apartment. A big downsizing from our current home but a home that will still allow to welcome people into our home but not require as much work with yard care and maintenance. We said yes let’s move forward. Many of our colleagues have reached this point in the process only to hear the heart breaking news that the paperwork was not accepted.

So, not wanting to ignore any other apartments and still waiting to hear if the apartment owner would accept our paperwork, we visited two more apartments the next day that we easily said no to as they didn’t fit the criteria. And then we got the email that we were accepted by the owner and the apartment was ours for the taking! We are excited to announce that we found a place with only eight visits and three days of searching. Praise the Lord. Raeni and I walked through the neighborhood again today to picnic (Burger King drive-thru) in the area along the river not far from our soon to be apartment! As we walked we prayed that God would do a mighty work in the neighborhood and, if he wills, through us in that apartment.

Just to remind us of our northern midwest upbringing, God provided an Airbnb with this deer decoration for our last two night’s in Toulouse before we move here in the beginning of April.

Please pray for us as we wrap up ministry in Paris and prepare to move our lives to Toulouse over the course of March. We plan to be in Toulouse for Easter weekend. There are many factors that could change that but we are working towards a move April 1st. Please pray that all that needs to get down would be done. Pray for our friends we are saying goodbye to. Pray we would make the most of every opportunity to share with those who need to know the Good News. Pray for our daughters as they won’t be able to visit the house they grew up in before we no longer call it our home. Pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to guide and direct our paths. Pray as we sell much of our furniture as we are moving into a smaller furnished apartment.

If you have held on this long and continued to read please also know that you can be a part of what God is doing and going to do in Toulouse. We will have additional expenses that you can help offset during this move and you can help us start the new work here in Paris. Please consider how you can financially partner with the work of God here in Toulouse, through Envision France. If you God is leading you to financially parter with His work, click on contribute to support fund on the right and follow the steps to support the work here. If you have any questions about giving or the move or ministry in France, please ask away by replying to this email.

Working with you,

Tony and Raeni

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