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Dear Friends, Oct 2017
As we enter the fall season, I realize that it’s been way too long since I’ve written you, so let me fill you in on what’s been going on here.

Cultural Tidbits
La rentrée (pronounced la rohn-tray) is what happens in September. More than simply “back to school,” this word encompasses getting back to the day-to-day rhythm of school and work that starts back up after summer vacation. French students receive a list of all the notebooks, pens and school supplies that they need weeks before school starts and they can get those during the summer.

We have come through the fiscal year end well and into our new year. With that new year for me is a bit of a change in my job as I have stepped into a role that is more of a full bookkeeping role for the region. I will be passing off a lot of the various things I do to another colleague and I will be taking on a couple more books to do in the months that follow. This will hopefully allow me to be able to minister a bit more with Mally.

Recently, I had a birthday and my tutor gave me a card. In the card, she thanked me for my “faithful friendship.” Honestly, I thought that was a bit of an odd way of saying something like, “glad we are friends,” but I just assumed it was some French way of saying it. Thinking about that phrase, though, she could have simply said thanks for your friendship, but instead she described my friendship to her as faithful. Faithful. That’s really how I want to be found. Faithful in all I do, yes, but faithful in friendships and most certainly in my friendship with God. Corinne and I meet on a regular basis and unless we are deathly ill, we will not cancel. This may not be all of what “faithful” means in a friendship, but certainly it’s a part of it. I want to be faithful in meeting God on a regular basis. Every day, I need to meet with God and although I connect with Him throughout the day, I have found that setting aside a time with Him daily is absolutely key. It keeps me grounded throughout the day, sets my gaze on Him for the day and not on me or my circumstances and sets my feet going in the right direction for that day. Faithfulness in our friendships? Yes! Faithfulness in our relationship with God and meeting with him each day? Definitely!

Our trip to London in June went well. Sometimes ministry doesn’t always look the same. I prefer it to look a specific way usually – like, “Hey, I got to talk with them about how God loves them,” etc., however, often it looks like just loving on people and being there for them for quite some time before we can say what we want. We need to listen to Holy Spirit and say what He tells us to, when He tells us to. So was the case in London. As I build relationship with Mally’s family and friends and as we continue to pray with them and for them, we will see God move.

In July, we travelled to Bordeaux as Mally was preaching for the first time in French! Thank you for praying! The enemy tried to attack and we reached out to you to pray. You did and we saw victory as Mally preached and we were able to pray with some of the people at the church and hang with some others.

August was somewhat of a full month. We ended up going to Ireland to deal with some family issues regarding the care of Mally’s dad as he is aging with Parkinson’s. Sometimes it can get a bit sticky, but we sought the Lord and He gave Mally the words and manner in which to speak with family members as they look to him as a kind of mediator. We also had some meetings with our team in Paris about vision casting and where we want to go in the future. Those went well. Pray that we follow the Lord’s leading on timing, what He wants us to do and where He wants us to do it. I say “us,” though I am not involved heavily in it as I have a full time job already!

September came and went so quickly! We had some meetings in September connected with this theme of where to go in the future and what God is calling the Paris team to do. We wait on Him. Pray for wisdom for the team here in moving forward.

Mally will be preaching in French again in the south to a bunch of churches as they come together for a day. Pray for him as he prepares for that time in the middle of October. In November, Mally and I will be traveling to WI to do the missions fest at my home church. Mally will be speaking a few times and I’ll be speaking one time. The schedule is very busy for us. We want to speak what God wants to say. Mally will be doing this with the international worker who led him to Christ – a fantastic way to show what happens when international workers go overseas and the fruit that comes from that.

Here’s the phrase…”We covet your prayers.” Right? We’ve probably all heard it. I think it’s Christianese for “AHH! We need help! Please pray!” Maybe it’s not always for some dire situation, but I bet it certainly covers that. If I could explain our situation that we need prayer for, it would take too long and honestly, I don’t understand it all. It’s governmental in one big sense and who has ever understood the French government?! We do need prayer for this situation with Mally and his “work.” Mally and I believe God has called him to work with our church right now, at least while he’s doing the LEAD study program for the next year and some months. He is receiving a small amount from unemployment right now because in their eyes, Mally doesn’t have another job. For them to see Mally as employed by the church, he has to have 100% of his money raised and coming in each month as we would need to pay into the government from the amount he gets. That isn’t happening and they are now saying that they will not be sending any more money unless Mally “gets a job.” There are many more details about this situation that would take up too much room, but while it seems like the immediate answer here is to raise more money right away, I see the need going a bit deeper and that need is prayer. We can see that a great solution is to have the total amount of money Mally needs sent to him (and we would love that), but I think there are things we don’t see here and that God does see! He sees the solution that is the best for our family. This is where prayer comes in, something every one of us can do. Would you pray with us for God to move in a major way? From releasing funds already sent to funds that have yet to be sent to some mighty move of God in this situation, pray! We want to see God get the glory in this. We are trusting the Lord, but many of you have been in situations where it comes to points of, “if God doesn’t do something, we are just going to have to do something ourselves.” We don’t want to take the reins on this. We want to see the Lord move here. We have seen the power of prayer before with you all and we are asking that you pray once again for this specific situation. Thanks!

Thanks and thank you also for your support in prayer and financially. You are appreciated!

9 rue Racine
78220 Viroflay

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Prayer Requests

1.We thought that an older woman was going to move in across from us. Instead, we have some young people. The son of the apartment owner and some of his friends moved in in August and though we haven’t had much contact with them, we welcomed them and let them know if they needed anything, they could come to us. It seems now that the friends have left and just the son is there. Pray that we would connect with him more.
2.Pray for Mally and I as we prepare for our time at the missions fest in WI in November.
3.Pray that Mally and I would continue to grow in our relationships with the Lord
4.Pray for wisdom as we raise the children. Dylan is becoming a teenager soon!



Updated: October 02, 2017

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