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“When those around Him saw what was going to happen, they said to Him, “Lord, shall we strike with the sword?” And one of them struck the servant of the high priest and cut off his right ear. But Jesus answered and said, “Permit even this.” And He touched his ear and healed him. (Luke 22:49-51 NKJV)
Our Response to COVID-19 Crisis
In Luke 22:51, Jesus said to the disciples “Permit even this”. We then thought about what Jesus meant by “even this”. Jesus was already in Jerusalem facing His death on the cross but was only focusing on fulfilling what was written about Him in Scripture. Though His great suffering on the cross was fast approaching, He didn’t show any fear but instead kept teaching the crowd during daytime and spend the night praying. By the previous passages in Luke, we could imagine how He could have felt disappointed because His disciples kept misunderstanding the spiritual truth He told. He probably also grew tired of the obstinate oppositions from the Pharisees and the Sadducees. Lastly, He was being arrested by the crowds brought by Judas soon after His agonized prayer to overcome the terror in His heart because of cross. At that moment when the hands of injustice came to arrest Him, Jesus as a human could have been physically tired of EVERYTHING so could let His disciples vindicate Him for a moment despite their violent resistance. But Jesus, our Lord, didn’t let them.
Instead, He said “Permit even this” and pleaded them to let the circumstances proceed without resistance. His example of righteousness at the moment of “everything is changing so critically and rapidly”, such as nowadays with global Coronavirus crisis, taught us what perspectives should be kept in our hearts. Facing all the government ordered precautions that changed normal routines of ours and others, our reaction to all these changes has been first trying to figure out what the new realities are each day and where to turn to for the hope of restoration of “this” loss. Jesus chose to suffer and “permit even [all unwanted]” and focused on God’s will only. Jesus, by His Agape love for mankind, then made sure He healed the right ear of the high priest’s servant before He died on the cross.
So, we believe that, in this very difficult COVID-19 crisis, enduring ALL circumstances with love for one another and hope in God will result in healings we all need in this pandemic crisis. We specially pray for America and also for global spiritual awakening through this crisis. I eagerly wait for that one Sunday this year, when we will be told it’s okay to go back worshiping together with everyone at our churches. It will be everyone’s HAPPY DAY, a real HAPPY DAY like we never had before. And I keep imagining, at the sanctuary, how we will all cry tears of joy singing praises to our sovereign God whose goodness and mercy follow us! Glory to our victorious Jesus, our risen Lord!
Prayer for Jennifer Yu’s Salvation
Taiwan’s Coronavirus infection cases are less than 400 as of now and here we don’t have Stay-at-Home order. I have been meeting Jennifer, my friend, weekly to teach English so far over a year. She was working at our local sports center where Soo first found her. He told me Jennifer was self-studying for TOIEC Test (an English-skill test) then I offered her to meet me every Friday for TOIEC Test tutoring. Since then, our friendship grew and she got to hear about Jesus and Bible. She heard my testimonies and got to know me more as a friend, not as another foreigner living in Taiwan. When she first asked me “What is Bible?”, it wasn’t easy to grasp where to begin explaining what Bible is and who GOD is to someone who had no idea of one and only God. Through my friendship. Jennifer has a chance to know God’s eternal salvation plan fulfilled by Christ’s bearing the cross. I also have weekly chances to let her practice English reading-out-loud using Bible stories and explain them for her listening skill. Yet more than her English skill, I care about her salvation. So, I won’t cease praying for her because Jesus died on the cross for her, too.

Prayer Requests/Answers to Prayer

Please pray for God's anointing for our Saturday Small Group that Gospel "seeds" being planted in people's hearts will grow and lead them to repentance and the Salvation offered through Jesus' cross.

Please also pray that God leads Soo to new friends in a tennis league where he plays often to get opportunities for relationship building. Hannah's relationship with the language students she regularly meets would give her the opportunities to let them know of God's love. We are aiming to have another small group to plant Gospel "seeds" in Yilan City.



Updated: April 07, 2020

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